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My journey back from autoimmune disease

Daily Log

on May 24, 2012

Exercise- Bodyrock was having technical issues so I went back and did an old routine.  18 minutes of high intensity weighted intervals with jumping rope, 4 minutes of abs, 10 minutes of yoga, 10 minutes of rebounder, 30 minute outdoor walk.


Breakfast- 5 oz. almond/coconut milk, 1 scoop pea protein powder, 1tbsp goji berries, 2 tsps. chia seeds, 1/2 tsp maca powder, 1/2 cup organic wild blueberries in blender; 1 cup diced fresh pineapple

Lunch- 8 kettle cooked potato chips, 2 tbsp. pimento cheese w/jalapeno, 1 slice leftover frittata, 1 cup roasted cauliflower

Snack- handful of marcona almons, 1oz. cheese, 1/2 organic apple

Dinner- Last piece of leftover frittata (I know, very repetitive, but I just didn’t feel like messing with anything else and hubby was cooking for the kids)

Preview of next Paleo Challenge- I don’t think next weeks challenge is exactly paleo, but I am cutting out caffeine and alcohol.  The alcohol will be easy because I rarely drink.  Vacation was an exception, not the rule:)) I don’t have much caffeine either.  Some of it was cut out when I cut out sugar because sugar for me was mainly chocolate.  I do drink unsweet tea sometimes but I haven’t been including it on my daily log.  I guess I didn’t think about it since it is calorie free. I am praying that I won’t have any caffeine related headaches.  Lord, hear my prayer!

3 responses to “Daily Log

  1. Okay, this is the second time today that someone has mentioned the paleo diet. I MUST look this up. I will not be giving up coffee, though. Just sayin’. Keep at it! It looks like you’re doing great!

    • cebrought says:

      I am dumping the caffeine because of an adrenal issue. It is not really a paleo thing so no worries. Have your coffee and enjoy:)) I’d be happy to chat about it any time if you have any questions.

      • Bless your heart. I guess if it came down to a health issue, I’d be willing to give it up, but I’d hate it. I’d have to try switching to decaf first, though. I’m sure I’ll have questions. I’m looking it up now.

        Your story is truly inspirational and I enjoy reading your blog. I know you’re having a rough time. You can do it, though! Good luck!

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