From Here to Health

My journey back from autoimmune disease

Daily Log

on May 25, 2012

Weight- 123.6  A small loss, but I’ll take it:))

Sleep- I am having some issues with this so I feel the need to see if I can decipher what is going on here.  I’ve had off and on issues since my daughter was born, but then they became severe last December.  I started some supplements for it and they helped.  Even after I came off the supplements I was still doing pretty well.  However, since our trip to Florida I have been struggling a little more to get to sleep.  Last night I could hear my heart beating pretty hard in my ears and that kept me awake for a while.  I try not to look at the clock because I tend to get a little obsessed, but if I had to guess, I would say I fell asleep sometime around 1am (even though I turned the light out at 10:45) and got up when my 4 year old came in at 6:47am.  Not enough for this mama!

Exercise- 30 mins on rebounder, 10 mins yoga, and 75 weighted squats, 75 push-ups (girl kind-I wasn’t feelin’ it this morning), 75 Bent-over Rows w/sandbag, 30 Bicycle Abs


Breakfast-1 slice fresh pineapple, 1 egg scrambled with 2tsps coconut oil and 1 cup spinach, 1/2 cup soup-  My husband made this incredible soup for the kids last night, but he put rice in it.  He left me out a serving before adding the rice and I didn’t feel like eating it last night (bad tummy) so I had soup for breakfast.  Very paleo;))

Lunch- Had lunch with a dear girlfriend. We ate at Rafferty’s because she is obsessed with all things carbs and wanted my croissant.  I had a small Frisco salad- lettuce, tomato, cheese, artichoke, egg, potato sticks, vinaigrette

Note- About 2 hours after lunch- felt pretty nauseated

Snack- 1/2 cup organic raspberries, handful of marcona almonds, 2 oz Dubliner cheese

Note- Nausea went away after I ate, but came back again about 2 hours later???  Also pain in mid-back? Oh wait, seriously as I was writing this I just “let one fly” and my back is completely better (ok, it was more than 1).  Man, gas can hurt like a mutha!

Dinner- slice of pineapple, protein shake (same one I always make)

It is 6:56 pm and I am calling it a night.  Putting my daughter to bed early and I am snuggling up with my Netflix and some Downton Abbey!  I just started that show last weekend.  I am only on episode 3, but I am loving it!  My husband and I love us some British period pieces!  Plus, my health coach said I needed more rest and relaxation so I think this qualifies.  Talk to you guys tomorrow.

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