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My journey back from autoimmune disease


on May 26, 2012

I’m posting this supplement list now because I just started some new ones and I want to be able to go back and evaluate how I think they are working.  I have been on a giant list of supplements over the last 5 years, but I am going to start with the current ones and I some point I may go back and give info on ones I have used in the past that have been successful with certain issues.

Before breakfast

1 Herb-lax-  Not really a laxative, a bowel conditioner. Herbs that are supportive of a “movement” but don’t send you rushing or give you cramps.  From Shaklee.

1 Probiotic- from Living Stream- Premier ProBiotic Restore- I have taken others and for whatever reason this one works the best for me.  I think it has really helped with my Candida issue.


2 Digestive Enzymes- these are from Allegany Nutrition.  I have used several different kinds but right now these seem to work best for me.  I take 2 with every meal and if they are handy I will take 1 with a snack.

1 Vitamin D Synergy- This is from Designs for Health (another great company).  I just started this particular supplement yesterday.  For some reason, despite getting sun and taking vitamin D, my vitamin D levels are not increasing.  At my first test my level was 40, now it is 64.  Yes that is an improvement, but it has taken 2 years to come up only 20 points and I really need to be at 80-100 for therapeutic benefit.  My health coach suggested this supplement because it contains vitamin K1 as well.  We are hoping it will help me metabolize the D better.  I will retest in a couple of months and let you know.

1 Adrenotone- Also Designs for Health.  This is to help me with my adrenal fatigue issue.  Despite my best efforts, my body is still telling me that I am not dealing with stress very well.  This is supposed to help.   Just started yesterday so the jury is still out.

1 Thyroid Synergy- Also Designs for Health. I have been battling low thyroid function (hypothyroidism) for the past 3 years.  It will improve a little but then for whatever reason it will be back in the dumper:((  Just started this yesterday too, and I have high hopes that it will give my thyroid the support it so desperately needs:))

1 tsp. Vivix- from Shaklee- a resveratrol product.  I use it for the anti-inflammatory properties.  Many of my issues are inflammatory in nature.  This has been a good one for me to stick with because it is a liquid so it is easier to absorb.  I have been diagnosed with “leaky gut” in the past (it is some better now) so anything that was already somewhat broken down was easier for me to digest.  It also comes with some fantastic research to back it up.  I will try to put a Shaklee link in here in case anyone wants to check them out.


2 Digestive Enzymes

1 Adrenotone

1 Thyroid Synergy

1 tsp Liqui-lea-  A Shaklee liquid multivitamin-  I use the liquid for easier absorption.


2 Digestive Enzymes

1 Adrenotone

2 Omega Guard- another Shaklee supplement.  Fish oil for inflammation.

1 tsp Tumeric- just the spice-I mix it in 2 oz Mega Green juice with chlorella and spirulina.

Hour Before Bed

1 Herb-lax

1 Probiotic

1 Magnesium-Shaklee- helps with sleep

Other- I put maca powder in my protein shakes on days that I have a protein shake.

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