From Here to Health

My journey back from autoimmune disease

Daily Log

on June 3, 2012

Sleep- I slept well.  I think from about 11:30- 6:30.

Exercise- 16 minutes of interval Bodyrock, 6 mins of Bodyrock interval abs, 20 mins on rebounder

Breakfast- 1 cup leftover rainbow chard, handful almonds 2 oz cheese

Lunch- Greek salad (same as previous days)

Dinner- Taco Omelet, sweet potato hash browns

Taco Omelet= 2 eggs, 2oz grass fed beef w/taco seasoning, mixed mexican cheeses, avocado, salsa

Other- Peppermint patti at movies- Went to see Avengers in 3-D with best friend

Other #2- I had a cardiologist appt. this morning.  Annual check-up.  All was well except he said that my thyroid is causing my cholesterol to go up.  I have to get this thyroid back in balance.  Praying that my supplements and light therapy will do the trick.  Doctor wants to retest Sept. 1, so I have 3 months to work on it.

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