From Here to Health

My journey back from autoimmune disease


on June 4, 2012

Alright…something has got to change!  Today I weighted 125 pounds.  That is a small gain.  Essentially I am holding steady at 123-125.  I always fluctuate a little so to me this feels like holding steady.  At some point, holding steady will be great.  Not now.  I am not sure how much of  this is due to my thyroid issue and how much is my eating habits.  I am doing what I can to work on the thyroid issues so the only other thing I know is to change my food.  I had avoided getting on a structured eating plan because I cook for my family of 5 every day and it is not only time consuming, but also expensive to eat separately from them.  However, at this point, it looks like that is going to have to be my plan until August.  I have decided to use the book The Eat, Drink and Be Gorgeous Project by Esther Blum.  The book was recommended by my health coach and I really liked it.   She has 4 different eating plans at the back of the book.  I am going to start with the low carb plan.  It doesn’t include gluten so that will work well for me since I have a severe allergy.  I’ve been to the store and I’m ready to jump in full force tomorrow.  My plan is to follow it faithfully for a week and see what happens.  After that I will either stick to it or change to one of the other 3 plans.  I have also decided that I will post a pic at the end of July.  Whether I lose the weight or not I need to be ok with this body.  It’s the only one I will ever have so I need to learn to own it, warts and all!  Wish me luck:))

One response to “Revamp

  1. Good luck! It is so hard to diet and have to cook separate meals for the family. You can do this, though.

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