From Here to Health

My journey back from autoimmune disease

Health History – The Saga Continues

on June 15, 2012

I am going to skim over a few details at this point.  I will just let you know that over the next 6 months I continued meeting with my naturopath in Oregon.  At one point he had me on over 100 pills a day!  All vitamins or herbal supplements.  While I cannot deny that some of them (who knows which ones since I was taking so many) were helping, I couldn’t keep up with the regimen physically or financially.  The supplements alone were $1,000 a month.  Also, I wanted someone who I could talk to face to face.  So, I found a physician through a friend who was a “traditional” M.D., but he practiced from a more “natural” point of view and was a big believer in diet, exercise, chakras, supplements and other alternative treatments.  I really liked him and continued to see him for about a year, but he too was crazy expensive.  He did not take insurance and his office visits ranged from $275-450 depending on how long I was with him.  If I had had the disposable income, I would have continued to see him.  However, I had racked up about $11,000 on my credit card at this point with medical expenses.  He  did some additional testing that mostly just confirmed everything I already knew.  The only new piece of information was that I had high levels of Epstein Barr, Cytomegalovirus and Herpes 6 virus.  Turns out this is very common in sick people.  Not so much in healthy people.  In those of us with compromised immune systems, viruses can really take hold and flourish.  I think the presence of these viruses absolutely played a part in how rotten I felt.  I also believe they were part of the “perfect storm” that put me into my state of disease.

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