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Fitness Friday – Measurements

on July 2, 2012

Here are those measurements I promised:)

Waist- 26 inches ( which is up about 2 inches over the past 6 months)

Thighs – 23 (also up 2 inches)

Hips – 341/2 inches (I have to caution with this one that I am never entirely sure I am measuring in the exact same place twice?)

These pictures are not great, obviously!  But as we all know my tech skills are entirely lacking.  Hang with me and hopefully the pictures for Fitness Fridays will get better (hopefully my body and my tech skills:)) And yes it is Monday morning when I am posting this.  I am woefully behind. Had to get my boys to camp yesterday and then travel to Nashville to keep my darling nephew this morning. I am hoping to get back to my daily posting as of today.

2 responses to “Fitness Friday – Measurements

  1. heather morgan says:

    Hi Corey! I want to recommend another book….the program. By Diana schwarzbein.

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