From Here to Health

My journey back from autoimmune disease

Daily Log

on July 9, 2012

Sleep – On another good streak:)  About 7.5 hours

Exercise – This morning I started doing yoga while listening to a dramatized version of the Bible on my iPhone.  I know that sounds a little strange at first, but let me explain.  My trainer suggested a Bible study in the morning to replace my usual morning workouts (because I am now doing CrossFit).  I do Bible study in the afternoon with my kids, but I admit I have been remiss about spending my own time in The Word.  My mind tends to wander and I can’t seem to stay focused.  My mind feels most focused when I am in motion.  So, since yoga is the only trainer approved home workout right now, I decided to combine the 2 ideas and listen to the Bible while moving through (and sometimes holding) yoga poses.  My plan (which came from a dear friend who writes a blog on processing the word of God- aptly named Processing the Word) is to listen to 5 Psalms a day, 1 Proverb and 1-3 chapters of a Gospel, starting with Matthew.  I then plan to repeat that until I really feel like it is imprinted on my heart and mind.  I’ll keep you updated on how this continues to play out.  I also did a 9am CrossFit class today and a leisurely walk after dinner.


Breakfast -1 turkey sausage, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 homegrown tomato, 1/2 an orange and 1 almond flour banana nut muffin

Lunch – spinach salad with organic strawberries, 1 tbsp parmesan cheese, 8 pecans 2 tbsp dressing


Sahale Tuscan Almonds

These were not 100% paleo.  I’m not really either.  I make an attempt, but I would say that I average about 80%  Paleo with my cheats being chocolate, cheese, peanut butter and every now and again rice.  Anyway, I love almonds and I just wanted to try these.  I thought they were great.  I obviously didn’t think to take a picture until my grubby little hands had already ripped them open. Sorry!


Paleo Zucchini Bolognese

Once again I forgot to take a picture until I had already devoured half my food. Obviously I love to eat!  There was more zucchini in here in the beginning.  This was a super simple bolognese made with grass-fed beef, onion and garlic.  Then I just added the sautéed zucchini and box of tomato sauce. I really like the boxes of tomatoes instead of the cans.  I try to avoid the BPA lined cans whenever possible (without making myself crazy since it is impossible to avoid all toxic stuff).  I seasoned the sauce with salt, pepper, basil, italian seasoning and garlic salt.  The whole family loved it.

Snack- 1/4 cup of Paleo Krunch

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