From Here to Health

My journey back from autoimmune disease

Fitness Friday

on July 13, 2012

Still avoiding the scale, but my measurements are as follows:

Waist – 26in (down from last week, but same as week 1)

Thighs – 23 in (same)

Hips – 34 inches (1/2 in loss)

I had a bit of a break down after CrossFit today.  My trainer pushed me really hard on my weight lifting and I ended up having this weird headache sort of thing afterwards.  Went from the back of my neck to the back of my left eye.  I’m feeling like maybe I need to have a conversation about my health history with him.  I felt like it was too much weight for me, but he insisted that I could do it.  While I am appreciative for his belief in my ability, I don’t want to go back to where I was when I was overtraining.  It was only 18 months ago that I started exercising again.  I was off of all exercise for 6 months at my doctors orders because they were afraid I would have a stroke.  I think I just have some fear of being back in that place.  I don’t want to compare myself to others because it is never really a fair comparison.  All I know when I look at them is their outsides so I end up comparing their outsides with my insides.  What I know, think and feel about myself is wrapped up in a whole lot more than what someone could see on the outside.  My strengths, insecurities, fears, triumphs, etc aren’t always visible to the person next to me.  Does any of that make sense?

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