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Daily Log-Whole 30 Day 2

on July 14, 2012

Sleep-Good; when my daughter got up and actually got up with her and took her back to her bed:)) I had fallen into a bad habit of letting her just sleep with me.  Truth is, I don’t really mind having her there, but then she wakes up when I wake up and I think she needs more sleep than that.  Hopefully, we will be able to keep this up.  Hopefully, she will start through the night again!

Exercise-Did my morning yoga while listening to scripture.  I  am really enjoying this new morning ritual.  I’m not missing my old morning workouts nearly as much as I was last week.  I had CrossFit at 9am.  I wish I could remember the name of the weight exercise we did.  It was new to me.  Push pull?  Pull push? Push lift?  I don’t know.  It was very similar to an overhead press. Oh,wait, I think it was push press!  It was like an overhead press, but with a little jump/bounce sort of a thing.  It wasn’t too bad. I didn’t leave with a massive headache like yesterday, so bonus!  The WOD today was in a nearby park.  We ran there and back, but for the actual WOD it was a tabata- kettlebell swings (26#), squats and push ups.  I think it was 8 rounds of each.  My scores were 11/10/7.



Whole 30 Day 2 Breakfast

This doesn’t look that yummy, but it really is.  It is one of my veggie scrambles.  I just use whatever I have on hand. Today that was onion, sundried tomato, spinach and artichokes.  Then there was 1/2 an avocado, 6 dark red cherries and a couple bites of fresh pineapple.


Whole 30 Day 2 Lunch

This was leftover tilapia my husband cooked last night.  I shredded it up and layered it with avocado, pineapple and organic salsa in side this romaine lettuce.  5 organic baby carrots.

Snack -1/2 organic apple, generous handful of macadamia nuts (they are really good!)


Whole 30 Day 2 Dinner

This was a little lacking in veggie content, but I was lazy:) Ground turkey (drained the fat since it wasn’t organic), garlic, onion, salsa, tex mex spices, then layered on avocado and organic green onions.  Very simple, but tasty.


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