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Daily Log-Whole 30 Day 11

on July 23, 2012

Sleep– Not bad, but my daughter did wake up, again!  My sweet husband went and slept in her bed with her so she wouldn’t come wake me up again.

Exercise- CrossFit at 9am.  We started with a warm up of a 500 meter row, a set of 3-6-9-6-3 pull ups, a set of 5-10-15-10-5 push up and 2 sets 10 unbroken burpees. Quite a warm-up!  Our lifting exercises were the backsquat and the benchpress.  It was 3 rounds 10, 10 and 10+.  I did 75# on my backsquat with a final round of 15 (yes I have to add more weight).  On benchpress, I did 55# with a final round of 12.  I could have done more, so I should probably increase my weight a little there too.  The WOD today was a tabata. Kettlebell swings ( I used 35#) burpees, and box jumps (I used 16″).  My score was 11-5-7.


Whole 30 Day 11 Breakfast

Leftover salmon cakes and kale. Not super exciting, but quick.


Whole 30 Day 11 Lunch

More salmon, more kale, 1/2 avocado, fresh pineapple. Little boring, but hated for this food to go to waste.

Snack- 4 organic strawberries


Whole 30 Dasy 11 Dinner

This was a recipe off a PaleoPot.  It was grass-fed beef, nitrate free bacon, sweet potatoes, onions and eggs-plus some spices.  My husband and I like it, but all 3 of the kids HATED it, so we probably won’t make it again.  I will probably be eating a lot more of it over the next day or 2 since the kids won’t eat it:) Oh, yeah, I had an orange too.



One response to “Daily Log-Whole 30 Day 11

  1. That casserole type thing sounds so good! I secretly like it when my guy doesn’t like what I make, just means more for me!

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