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Daily Log-Whole 30 Day 14

on July 27, 2012

Yesterday was so busy that I didn’t get around to posting this.  I had my daughter’s birthday party and then my boys had a Nerf party at the Pump It Up!  So between getting ready for parties, attending parties, and cleaning up after parties, there was very little time left.

Sleep- I don’t remember the specifics but I know I woke up a least a couple times in the night.

Exercise-Thursday is my planned day off from CrossFit.  I did, however, break a serious sweat at SkyZone.  My daughter’s birthday party was at this trampoline park and I was the only adult that jumped!  It was super fun and I was pretty beat by the end.  Getting out of the foam pit alone was a good workout:)

Finn waiting to jump into the foam pit



Whole 30 Day 14 Breakfast

1 organic chicken and sage sausage, 2 scrambled eggs in coconut oil, 1/2 an avocado, 2 orange slices and sweet potato hash browns


Whole 30 Day 14 Lunch

Ground turkey, frozen spinach, avocado, lots of tex mex spices

Dinner- Very boring- I had the leftover hash browns from lunch and the left over turkey spinach mixture from lunch.  The kids had pizza at both parties and I think my husband had leftover birthday cake so I didn’t bother to cook. Plus I was really tired!

Snack- Not really much of a snack, but I wanted to try the sunflower nut butter that I bought a few days ago so I had a small spoonful out of the jar.  Pretty good.  Nuts have really been bothering my stomach.  Hopefully the seeds will not.  I’ll keep you posted.


3 responses to “Daily Log-Whole 30 Day 14

  1. That ground turkey concoction sounds pretty amazing.

  2. What delicious and healthy looking food! plus your daughter is ADORABLE!

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