From Here to Health

My journey back from autoimmune disease


on August 7, 2012

So I really got behind on my blogging while traveling.  Our class schedule was brutal.  The information, however, was life changing.  I love what I do and the people I get to do it with.  Such a blessing.  And then this computer keeps crashing.  Several times I have been mid blog (unsaved of course) and lost my progress and not had the time to make it up.  I have decided to give a brief overview of what I thought about the Whole 30 (even though it is technically unfinished).  I may do it again because my gym is doing one coming up in September, but for now, here is what I learned and what I am thinking about for the immediate future.

I did not find the Whole 30 to be very difficult while at home.  Actually, because I kept my meals so simple, it was really easy.  Going out, however, was a real challenge.  I could make some aspects of it work, but it was really hard to make all aspects come together at any given meal that was not prepared in my home.  I absolutely plan to keep following the plan when I am eating my meals at home (which is about 95% of the time).  We rarely eat out unless we are traveling.  I did not lose any weight.  I wish I had.  It was not my primary motive for doing the challenge, but it would have been a welcome side benefit.  I just got the Well Fed cookbook and the Eat Like a Dinosaur cookbook hoping to appeal to my children.  My plan for now is to start preparing some meals from those books, maybe cooking my way through both of them to broaden our repertoire and find some things that the kids really like.  As I said earlier, I may do the challenge again with members of my gym starting in September, but I will make a decision closer to time.  I also learned through this challenge that I have a really hard time digesting nuts.  I was getting ill every time I had nuts as a snack.  I seem to tolerate a few thrown on a salad ok, but more than that was tearing me up.  I wish this weren’t the case, since I love all sorts of nuts, but it was good to be able to identify the issue and move toward healing it.  Another bonus is that my hair has stopped falling out.  It had been falling out due to my thyroid condition for about 6 months.  It had gotten so thin that I finally cut it off to make it look and feel at least a little thicker.  It took about 2 weeks on the Whole 30, but then the hair loss stopped.  I am hoping that this means that my thyroid is coming back into a better balance.  I don’t retest until September 1st so we’ll see. One of the most important things I am working on is stress.  Normally, the way this ended in such a messy fashion would stress me out to no end.  I have always been in the mind set of if I can’t do it perfect, then I just won’t do it.  I have realized that much of my health issues and my weight issues are tied to my stress level and the stress hormones that I keep my body under WAY too often.  So I am letting go of any stress over the imperfections and I am taking away the aforementioned lessons.  I intend to take the rest of today to grocery shop, clean house, catch up on homeschool, etc and then resume “normal” blogs tomorrow.  FYI- I did go to CrossFit yesterday and today so I am back on track with that.

Just an FYI- last night as I was cooking a gluten-free, dairy-free meal for 12, and  I burned my left hand pretty severely.  My husband had pulled a pot out of the oven that I normally use on the stove top and I grabbed it and moved it!  We’re talking blistered up, skin left on the pot kind of a burn.  Lucky for me, I have light therapy equipment.  I got on it fast and today I was able to wear a glove and do pull ups and snatches at CrossFit.  I also took my daughter to get her ears pierced for her birthday.  Here are a couple of pictures.

Right after ear piercing- a few tears

Showing off gifts

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