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Daily Log

on August 10, 2012

Sleep– Finn ended up in my bed with a nightmare, but I still had a pretty good night.  Read for a while, then fell asleep around 11 and got up around 7:30.  No nightmares.  Yeah!

Exercise-CrossFit at 9.  Warm-up 400 meter run, 8 caterpillar push ups, 3-6-9-6-3 pull ups (red & blue bands), scorpion stretches (8 each side) Lift- Back squat 2×6 1×9 -95#, Overhead press 2×6 1×10 55#; WOD – 4 rounds of burpees with a jump and touch the bar at the end, 4 rounds of thrusters (45#), 4 rounds of single jump ropes.  Our lowest round comprised our scores – 6-9-68.  I went swimming later in the day with the kids.



2 organic eggs, 4 organic blackberries, avocado, bite of pineapple, leftover sweet potato hash


Leftover All American Hot Plate plus avocado

Have you guys noticed how I can add avocado to anything?



Chinese Hot Plate

Another from Well Fed.  It was grilled organic chicken thighs, organic broccoli and red pepper, served over cauliflower rice and garnished with toasted sesame seeds and organic green onions.  It was good, but a little hot because I added too much red pepper flakes to my stir fry sauce.

PDM- Paleo Dinner Mafia

This is how my boys and their friend showed up to the dinner table tonight.  And in full character I might add.  There was a lot of “You said it, Boss” at my table tonight.  It was great!  FYI- the one in the chair and the one in the Mario pjs are mine.  The other one belongs to a dear friend but he fits right in around here.


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