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My journey back from autoimmune disease

Daily Log

on August 12, 2012

I am a day behind here, so this is Saturday’s log.

Sleep- I had another great night’s sleep.  It was a little less than I would have liked because my boys were having a sleepover and I let them stay up later than usual (which meant I stayed up later than usual).  I got them Chick-fil-A for lunch, let each of them have 3 paleo chocolate chip cookies, let them make the world’s largest LEGO mess, turn the tv blaringly loud for a raucous game of Wii something or other, took them swimming and then let them stay up to watch Despicable Me.  And  yes, I am vying for Mother of the Year!  My daughter tends to DEMAND most of my attention and I really felt the need to lavish a little on my boys.  I were very sweet and appreciative, so it was all worth it.  I assumed after such an active day on Friday that they would sleep in on Saturday, but no.  They woke me up to the wonderful sounds of the Wii at 6:53 am!

Exercise- CrossFit at 9am. Warm-up: 400 meter run, 3-6-9-6-3 chin ups (blue & red bands), some weird stretches with the bands and a ball (these stretches that they come up with are generally for the fascia and they are torturous), 20 overhead squats at the wall. Lift: worked on my snach press (?) not sure if that is what it is called.  It is an Olympic lift where you do the snatch and then press it overhead in a lunge.  I finally got to move up to a little bit of weight instead of a PVC pipe!  Yeah, me 25pounds!  I used the same 25 pounds to  work on just the snatch.  The WOD was 200 meters of walking barbell lunges, stopping after every 10 lunges for 10 snatches with the barbell (same 25#).  My time was 15:50.  I beat all the other ladies and most of the men, but in all fairness all of the men and a few of the women were using more weight.



2 organic chicken sage sausages, sweet potato hash browns, avocado


Leftover All American Hot Plate with Avocado

Didn’t want this to go to waste, so I finished it off.

Dinner- After lunch we headed to Lebanon, TN (hour east of Nashville) for a graduation party for one of my best friends’ husbands.  It was a long drive after the the super busy week we had.

Finn sleeping on the way to Lebanon

This is what everyone looked like in the car on the way to Lebanon!  Husband included!

They had a waterslide at the party and the kids had a second wind from the nap in the car.  I thought about going down myself, but it was gloriously and unseasonably cool- 60 degrees after the sun went down!  Unheard of in mid August!  The kids had blue lips but they didn’t seem to notice.

Cooper sticking the perfect landing

I neglected to take pictures of my food at the party.  I was busy mingling and watching kids.  The best thing I had was a glass of Grey Goose punch!  Not sure what was in it other than the Grey Goose, but it was yummy!  There was  fruit tray and a veggie tray to I had a little of that and a couple cubes of cheddar cheese.  For my main course, I made a small plate of BBQ nachos.  Gluten free, but not paleo.  Few corn tortilla chips, shredded pork BBQ, just a little BBQ sauce and homemade rotel.  It was yummy!





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