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Daily Log

on August 14, 2012

We had a light therapy meeting to share with our owners the highlights of what we learned at the Summit last weekend.  It was great, but it was long and I am tired so I am going to attempt to make this post short.

Sleep–  Awesome!  Fell asleep easily.  Finn came and woke me up at 12:53, but I tucked her back in and was back to sleep within minutes.

Exercise– CrossFit at 9am.  Just going to hit the high points.  I started with blue band on my chin ups, but had to add the red one back in half way through.  Still an improvement.  I also moved to the red band on my ring dips so go me again!  The lift today was no good because according my trainer I have some sort of biceps tendon issue.  I thought it was my rotator cuff but he says no. I was really struggling with the snatch balance today because of that.  I ended up just using a weighted PVC pipe and working on my form.  I was ok to do the WOD though and I beat everyone else.  Couldn’t have had anything to do with the fact that everyone else lifted and I really didn’t, right?  Oh, well, I’ll take it anyway;)



Veggie Scramble, nitrite free sausage, avocado, orange


Organic spinach, avocado, Waldorf tuna salad, pimento cheese on tomato slices

Dinner- I was in a hurry because of the meeting so I just ate what was left of the avocado and tuna salad.  I also had a handful of Pop Chips and a few strawberries and 1 piece of pineapple at the meeting.


2 responses to “Daily Log

  1. carolinebakker says:

    Nice one, keep up the good work 😉 Warm regards Caroline

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