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My journey back from autoimmune disease

Daily Log

on August 15, 2012

 Sleep– Pretty good.  I fell asleep easily, which I am always thankful for and having so many sleepless nights.  I did wake up about 4:30 feeling nauseated or hungry.  I honestly wasn’t sure which one.  I picked up my book and read for a few minutes, then drifted back to sleep.

Exercise- CrossFit at 9am.  Warm up- 500 meter row, lots of stretches and there is something else that I know I am forgetting.  Lift- Deadlift- 1×8+  and 1×20. I used 115# for the first set and did 10, then I went down to 95# for the set of 20.  The WOD today was a 3 mile run in the heat.  Not my favorite since I really don’t consider myself a runner, but I finished and my time was 30:43.  I also did a 12 minute Bodyrock workout with my husband at about 6:00.  He only like to work out if he can work out with me so I am trying to do at least a couple workouts with him a week.



Veggie scramble and 1/2 a banana

Lunch-  Finn and I went to lunch with my friend Clare today at a place called Humdinger’s.  It has fresh, healthy food and I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture!  I had grilled trout with a pineapple salsa which was very good.  I also had grilled zucchini and sweet potatoes fries as a splurge (I didn’t eat all of them).

Snack- Finn and I had to run several errands after lunch and when I got home I was seriously hungry.  Like nauseated kind of hungry!  I had half an organic pink lady apple (my fave) and some almond butter.  I have been staying away from nuts but because I had been doing so well, I thought, what the hey.  I can have a little nut butter.  Wrong!  It totally made my stomach hurt and made me a little bloated.  So obviously still not ready to add many nuts back in yet.


Hot Plate from Well Fed

This was one of the many Hot Plates from Well Fed. While I admit I wasn’t super crazy about the last one, this one was so freakin’ good!  It was grass-fed ground beef cooked with onions and garlic, spaghetti squash, red/purple cabbage, parsley and this spice called Tsardust Memories from Penzey’s spices.  Of course, my daughter loved it.  She is such the good eater.  But this time, even my boys ate it. Yeah!!

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