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Daily Log

on August 31, 2012

Sleep- Slept from 10:30 to 7:30 except for the few minutes when Jesus woke me up around 3:45.  And yes, you read that right.  Jesus spoke to me last night and woke me up.  I was having a dream in which I was speaking to my grandfather who is very ill.  The relationship is very strained and he does not know my kids because of it (his choice, not mine).  In the dream, I come to my grandfather (I am leaving out other details that I do think have meaning, but I’m just going to cut to the Jesus part) and he says, “So tell me about those boys.”  And I say, “They are loving, sweet, so smart and they show Jesus to people every day.”  And what really seemed like an audible voice says in my ear (loud enough to wake me up) “So do you.”  My husband works night, no one else was around.  I am convinced it was Jesus.  I am always so quick to see the good in my kids or my friends.  I always encourage others to tap into the divinity in themselves.  But often when it comes to looking at myself, I am a very harsh and judgmental critic.  I’m taking this as a sign to love myself and own my own little piece of the divine.  It will be a journey, but I am going to pray that Jesus continues to reveal himself to me.

Exercise-CrossFit at 9am.  Still can’t lift, but I did the warm-up- 300 jump ropes, 10-15-10 pull ups (blue and red band), 30 push ups (I started these and then my trainer said NO), fascia stretches for the achilles tendon. During the lift I did squats and sit ups.  The WOD had to be modified – 10 pull ups, 5 knees to elbows, 7 one leg elevated squats (each leg) 5 rounds.  My time was 8:40.  At around 5:30 I did 24 minutes of Bodyrock with Doug.  No weights, just cardio/bodyweight stuff.



Leftover Hot Plate with a scrambled egg


Chick-fil-A 6 pack grilled nuggets kids’ meal w/unsweet tea

Alright, not paleo.  But it was worth it to share lunch and shopping with these 2 sweet faces.

Cooper enjoying fried rice and honey chicken at the mall

Presley doing the exact same thing. Go figure, twins!


organic apple, sunflower seed butter, grass-fed cheese

Wasn’t super hungry and didn’t feel like cooking.

Snack- I made some Zucchini Bread from Eat Like a Dinosaur and I had a slice fresh from the oven.  Will try to post a picture tomorrow.






2 responses to “Daily Log

  1. What a beautiful message you were given! And what beautiful boys! You are truly blessed.

  2. cebrought says:

    Thanks Toni! Much love back to ya:))

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