From Here to Health

My journey back from autoimmune disease

Daily Log

on September 1, 2012

Sleep- 11:30-7:30.  Baby girl ended up in my bed, but other than that it was great.  I know I had some dreams, but they are just beyond my reach.

Exercise- CrossFit at 9am.  Warm-up- 800 meter run, 8 inch worms, 50 sit ups and some stretching.  I still can’t lift, but my trainer told me to see how low I could go on a band for my chin ups.  I was able to do 1 chin up unassisted!  No band!  Everyone one has been PRing this week but I missed out since I couldn’t lift.  So at the end of the week I finally got a little moment.  It felt good!  I went for a 2 mile run later in the day- 18:30.



Same as yesterday.

Lunch- Same as breakfast, minus the egg.  Boring I know, but I hated to waste it.

Snack- 6 organic corn tortilla chips with this awesome pimento cheese my mom had!  Yum!!


I call this BBQ Sundae. Cole slaw, BBQ, sauce and dill pickles.

Got to have dinner with this sweet guy who is in town for a visit.

My Nephew Houston




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