From Here to Health

My journey back from autoimmune disease

Daily Log (of sorts)

on September 17, 2012

Just felt the need to check in.  I still don’t really know where I am headed with this blog.  I do want to keep up with my health journey, but the daily logs were getting overwhelming.  Between work, homeschooling, CrossFit, cooking, cleaning, church responsibilities, and all my other relationships and responsibilities, I was just running out of time.  And to be honest, I don’t like doing this blog at night.  I really ant that few minutes to chill or read a book.  So for the moment, I am just going to check in, hit the highlights  and pray about where I want this to go.

My sleep habits have been pretty good for the past week.  Still having some wacky dreams that are waking me up, but I am just thankful to be sleeping.

CrossFit is going well.  My shoulder is about 70% better.  If I do too many overhead squats or push ups it still wants to act up on me.  I am in the process of earning my level 2 band, but it will probably be a while.  The only thing I have left is the overhead squat at 50% of my bodyweight and the clean and jerk at 75% of my body weight.  Today was the first day I had even done cleans without a trainer hanging over me and I did them at 55 pounds.  I could have done a little more, but still taking it easy on the shoulder.  And the overhead squat, fuggetaboutit!  It will be a while before I can do that one.  Still doing Zumba on Monday nights while Finn is in acrobatics.  And still doing Bodyrock and running with Doug whenever time permits.

There are a couple of other big things going on.  Big in my world at least.  Finn is in the process of a talent showcase.  She wants to act, so we are getting her an agent.  She got picked up my a scout who thought she was super cute, talented,etc. so she is supposed to have an agent by mid October.   We are spending a lot of time learning lines for commercials and a song from GLEE that she is singing for the finale.

The other big thing is that I finally turned our finances over to my husband.  I realized last week when I went shopping at J. Crew and then got physically ill, that I was not dealing well with spending money.  I thought I was getting sick but then realized, oh no, I am actually having a physical response to spending money that I am afraid we don’t have or should be spent (or saved) else where.  For some reason I have always handled all our money and it has never gone really well.  I pay the bills on time, our credit is good and we have never gone without food or electricity, but I have also never been able to get us out of debt or really save anything.  I definitely feel like God is calling me to allow Doug to be the head of our household.  It really has been me for the past 14 years and I don’t want the job any more.  I am totally ready to submit to Doug on this.  I can already feel the stress lifting off my shoulders.

I am planning on posting some progress pics as soon as I get Doug to take them.  The ones I was taking looked crazy!  I am hoping he will do a better job.


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