From Here to Health

My journey back from autoimmune disease

First Weigh In

on September 25, 2012

On  Friday I weighed 128 pounds.  I set my intention to weigh 126.6 by Monday morning.  I worked out as usual.  I ate as usual.  The only real differences were that I was more mindful of how my mind was  feeling and  how my body was feeling.  AND, Doug and I prayed twice a day a very specific prayer that God would help my body and my mind let go of excess weight and harmful thoughts.  I got up Monday morning and the scale said 126.4! Not only did I meet my goal, but God did me one better by exceeding it.  My next weigh in is on Thursday so I will check in with you guys then.

In other news, I am now the social director for my CrossFit gym.  A glamorous, unpaid position that I am hoping to turn into a discount if the parties go well.  I am in the process already of planning our Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas parties.  If any of you guys have an awesome party ideas, please send them my way.

Love to all of you guys for following along on my random journeys.  Hope all of you are having a super blessed week:)

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