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on January 7, 2013

I wrote this Christmas morning, but forgot to publish.  Sorry!

Merry Christmas Everyone! It’s 5:00am here in Tennessee and I awoke with such a feeling of gratitude this morning that I just had to share it. The list goes on and on, but I’m just going to share a few.

1. Despite the health challenges I have had this year, I was able to cook from 9:30 am to 6:30pm yesterday- pain and exhaustion free. I will admit I got a little lonely at times because my husband was out chopping down a tree (named Prancey-another story) and my mom was in and out taking care of a million other little things, but all in all, it was a huge blessing. My daughter got to roll dough and cut out biscuits and cookies- something I didn’t know if I would get to teach her since we eat primarily paleo. I found some AWESOME recipes from Urban Poser.

2. My house was full of people last night. Ok, so it is not a very big house and doesn’t take a lot of people to fill it up, but still. They all ate my paleo food without complaint. Actually, there were lots of compliments. And they all LOVE my family. Especially my kids. Each one of them in some way had gone out of their way to make Christmas special for my children.

3. Even though my hubby has to work Christmas Eve, I was not alone doing all the Christmas morning prep for my kids. My mom was putting together doll beds and strollers, my cousin was putting together Pony Royale stuff, I was assembling Paleo Monkey Bread, and my grandmother was cleaning up the kitchen behind me and my mess.

4. I have somehow learned to become more flexible over the years. This was the first year in my 34 years that we hadn’t spent Christmas Eve at my grandma’s house. She had cancer a couple years ago, and though she is doing well, preparing Christmas Eve at her house was too much for her. I can think back to a time when this would have been a problem for me. At the very least, I would have been sad and it would have soured my mood. What can I say? I loved traditions. I still really do. That’s why I made Paleo Monkey Bread last night. It’s not the same version as when I was a kid, but it is the version that works in my life now. And it’s ok with me. It’s a good feeling not to miss the old, but to be grateful for the new.

5. My grandma, the one I mentioned earlier, spent the night with us last night. She is sharing a room with my daughter. Finn was so excited about this. I am thankful that my kids still have 2 great-grandmas to love on them. My Nana is in the nursing home and there are days when she doesn’t know who my kids are, but she loves on them all the same. My children have the sweetest hearts. They love to go see her there and cuddle up in her bed and hug and kiss on her.

6. I am grateful for this quiet time this morning. I know the loving chaos will ensue soon, but for now all is quiet inside and outside my mind.


Grandma and Finn Christmas Morning

Presley on Christmas morning


Cooper and Presley with their “vintage” 1980s LEGOs


Paleo Macadamia Nut Cookies with chocolate frosting


Christmas Day Snow


Paleo Sugar Cookies- Urban Poser


Paleo Chocolate Peppermint Sandwich Cookies- My favorite treat I made this year

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