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My journey back from autoimmune disease

January 24th, 2013

on January 24, 2013

My plan to go to sleep early worked great in the beginning.  I fell asleep easily around 10:15.  I know that is not super early, but it was my best for that day.  However, I awoke at 3:00am.  I slept off and on until 7:15 so it was not a total loss, but I really love those nights when I don’t wake up until it is time to be up for real.  I am hoping for a better night tonight.  I started my thyroid medication this morning.  My doctor tells me it is such a small dose that it would be highly unusual for me to feel any side effects.  So far so good.  The things I am on the look out for would be insomnia, heart palpitation and jitteriness.  I don’t think that is really a word, but I like it.   Let me tell you what else I like- Fermented Blue Cod Liver Oil.  Ok, so I haven’t tried it yet, but I am convinced that I would LOVE it.  My husband had a good laugh because these are the types of things that I ask him to get me.  He says to me, “How many wives do you think turn on their sexy voice and ask for fermented blue cod liver oil?”  Oh, well.  Typical flowers and jewelry is just boring!  Speaking of boring, I didn’t work out at all today.  Like at all!  I did have to run around a lot today so I wasn’t sedentary, just nothing intentional.  Guess what else…I didn’t feel guilty about it.  That’s HUGE!!!  I am going to have to get my photo skills working because I want to show you guys some of what I have been eating.  Tonight’s dinner was the bomb!  I made The Pioneer Woman’s Beef Stew and Mashed Potatoes.  Yes, yes, Ree is certainly not paleo, but this recipe was pretty darn close.  It had a tablespoon of butter (we use grass-fed) in the stew but everything else was definitely legal.  Most paleo people do butter anyway.   As for the mashed potatoes, those were for the kids.  She called for cream cheese and heavy cream so I just omitted the cream cheese and used canned coconut milk.  The kids tore them up.  I snuck a couple of bites and they were pretty dreamy.  I used a grass fed “mock tenderloin” which I was unaware was so freakin’ good.  The lovely lady butcher at Whole Foods cut it up for me.  It was so tender and yummy! I keep trying to add a link to the recipe, but it won’t let me!  Have I told you guys I am a little computer illiterate?  It’s what comes from having an IT genius for a husband.  He just does it for me.  I’ll get him to show me what I am doing wrong and post it for you guys tomorrow.

I am nearly through with Liz Wolfe’s Skintervention Guide.  I’m sure I will be asking for more than Cod Liver Oil by the end of it.  I will also keep you guys posted on what I think about anything I try!

Sunday Night Beef Stew– Ok, hubby showed me how to do it so here is the link:)

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