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My journey back from autoimmune disease

January 30, 2013

on January 31, 2013

Still sleeping good and praising the Lord every morning!  I am loving the fact that I can read my Bible, study my memory verse, catch up on all my paleo blogs and write this one all before 7:30am!  I used to try to cram that stuff in at the end of the day as an afterthought and it just didn’t feel as good.  Went to CrossFit- my trainers are on me a little because I am using such low weight, but I’m not giving in!  I told them if they want to hound me, hound me about my form. I am expecting my form to be perfect at this point.  According to them, it mostly is with the exception of my snatch.  The snatch and I have some serious issues.  I have shrug issues as well.  Anyway, I keep moving my weights up by small proportions so I will get there.  I’m just in no hurry.  And honestly, that feels really nice.  Speaking of slow, I put In Praise of Slowness on my kindle.  I will let you know what I think.  Mark Sisson referenced it in The Primal Connection so when I saw it in the January Bargain section I had to get it.  But back to CrossFit-  the WOD was an 10 minute AMRAP of 3 hand stand push ups and 5 box jumps with 30 seconds rest.  I used a 17 inch box.  I was using a 20 inch box back before my flare up in November and my subsequent month off in December.  I started back at a 16 inch box so I am moving up slowly but surely.  I did 12 rounds which I was pleased with.  Later in the day I took a short 20 minute walk.  It is crazy cold here right now.  Well, not compared to some places, I’m sure, but considering it went from 70 to 30- it feels crazy cold!  I’m going to see if I can put a picture in here just for kicks. Here goes….

Jenn and I at Lee Brice

Jenn and I at Lee Brice

Yeah!!! I did it!  This photo has nothing to do with this post except Jenn is a fantastic CrossFit friend of mine.  We had a blast at the Lee Brice concert a few weeks ago.  I will point out though that this was the beginning of the oil cleansing method and my bangs were looking super greasy.  I still haven’t actually figured out how to get around that altogether without pulling them back all the time.

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