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January 31, 2013

on February 1, 2013

First off, I just published a random, half-finished old post.  Forgive me.  I’m not sure how it was still hanging around from months ago.  I should have deleted it, but when I saw my nephew’s sweet little face I just couldn’t do it.

I’m still getting the hang of writing these in the morning. I should probably jot down a few notes during the day so I don’t forget things.  I know that I slept well because I have slept great all week! Something I am so grateful for every morning!  And throughout the day as my kids (or whatever) test my patience.  I can deal SO much better when I have been sleeping.  It was Thursday, so no CrossFit.  I did 35 minutes of yoga in the afternoon, but that was it for exercise.  Part of me is wanting to go back to CrossFit on Tuesdays, making it 4 days a week, but part of me doesn’t.  I’m conflicted.  I would actually like to find a yoga studio that I can go to a couple of times a week, but all the good ones are way across town.  We’ll see. Maybe something will fall into my path.

Interesting food news- I ate sardines for breakfast!  Liz Wolfe talked about how good the omega’s were for your skin so I gave it a shot.There is lots of Omega talk at the gym too, but I don’t tolerate those vitamins very well.  They always make me nauseated. Plus, I always think if you can get it from food you are better off.  I think your body tends to assimilate and use it more efficiently that way. I thought the sardines would be nasty and hard to choke down, but they weren’t bad.  I put a little avocado with it, and I almost enjoyed it:)

My CrossFit girls and I met at LuLu Lemon to help Diane spend a gift card she got for Christmas.  I was totally wantin’ me some leggings and this super cute jacket, but I resisted.  First off, the trip wasn’t about me and second, I really didn’t need to spend the money.  After LuLu, we went across the street for lunch which ended up lasting 2 hours.  We all ordered the same thing which we got a little tickled over.  It tends to happen when you all eat paleo.  Options were limited.  We talked and laughed, talked and laughed, and talked and laughed.  We actually had other patrons of the restaurant giggling as they overheard our bawdy talk:)  It was super fun! I love those girls!!

My CrossFit Girls at Sharky's

My CrossFit Girls at Sharky’s



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