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21 Day Sugar Detox- Day 4

on February 6, 2013

So far so good!  I have felt a little wonky for short moments, but overall I am doing good without my constant sugar fix!  I have been having the 8oz of kombucha and the daily green apple that is allowed.  I also made some chocolate almond butter cups that she has in the treat section.  Before you get all revved up, they have no sweetener.  They are made with 100% cocoa and the almond butter is unsweetened.  To be honest, they are incredibly bitter.  But when you really feel like you need that fix, they seem to do the trick.  I think I may be eating slightly more food at my meals.  Or maybe not total food, but I feel like I am eating more fat.  Not that it is a problem.  Not that it’s not.  I don’t know.  My breakfast on day 4 was especially good.  It was a variation on a recipe from paleOMG.

Rutabaga Hash with sausage and avocado

Rutabaga Hash with sausage and avocado

Dinner was salmon cakes over salad with the rest of my avocado.  I am in love with Tessmae’s dressing which I generously poured all over the top of my salad, hence the higher fat content I spoke about earlier:)

Since I didn’t go to CrossFit on Monday due to a late wake up and a horrendous sore throat, I went today.  I moved back to my 20 inch box jumps!  Yeah!!  And did a deadlift with no hip pain!  Small victories make me so happy!  Speaking of things that make me happy.  This is my sweet girl diligently working on homeschool while I type this post.  I shouldn’t even get started on things I’m grateful for this morning, but I am too blessed to list it all- sunny weather, glorious night’s sleep, kids who slept through the night, kombucha in my left hand, a child who willing does her homeschool, a husband home early from work….BLESSINGS!

Finnlee working on Phonics in the morning light

Finnlee working on Phonics in the morning light

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