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Still catching up…

on March 13, 2013

Not  sure when I will really be caught up!  I need to set aside a time that is devoted to this blog, but between 3 kids, homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, working and the self care it takes to keep myself running the time seems very limited!  I know I am not the only one.  If any of you out there have any tips for how you carve out blog time and make it more manageable I would love to hear them.  If any of you are homeschoolers and have any great curriculum tips, I would love to hear those too.  I am feeling prompted, hopefully by the Lord and not my own inner neuroses, to change homeschool curriculum again.  What we are doing feels overwhelming and just boring!  There were times when it has been fun, but it’s not any more.  I think my kids need more hands on activities, more fresh air, and more time to pursue individual pursuits.  I also started homeschooling so I could really give them a good Biblical foundation and Bible has gotten totally squeezed out around here due to “more critical” subjects.  In this world, I am pretty sure that a strong faith and character are pretty darn critical themselves!

On another topic, I am in a bit of a flare. I don’t know if it is due to being “off” my eating at Disney or stress or probably a combination of the two.  I wish I could always figure out my triggers, but life is never that easy.  While I did remain totally gluten-free at Disney (which is pretty easy because they are so accommodating), I did have cheese and sugar.  I have a love of the gluten-free bakery, Babycakes, in downtown Disney so I went there twice.  I’m sure some soy and corn snuck their way in as well over the course of the week while I was unaware.  The things that are out of whack are mostly hormonal with a touch of digestive upset.  In my quest for answers, I started reading The Hormone Cure by Sarah Gottfried last night.  I can’t really make any recommendations yet because I haven’t finished it, but I will say that it is chock full of info!  I took the tests that she gives to assess hormonal imbalance and I clearly had 1. High Cortisol, 2. Low Cortisol (obviously at different times than the high cortisol) 3. Low Estrogen 4. Potentially low Progesterone 5. Low Thyroid.

None of this was really news to me.  A little overwhelming to look at on paper, but not news.  I briefly looked over her management strategies and some of them I already use.  There are also a few that I want to try. I’ll keep you guys updated on what I decide to try and how it is going as I progress.  My time is up for today, but here are a few pics from Disney:)


Kids ready for Star Wars adventure. We rode this three times.

Gluten Free Pizza and Brownie from Pizza Planet

Gluten Free Pizza and Brownie from Pizza Planet

Sometimes I crave pizza so this was a nice treat.  I only ate half and the brownie, while gluten-free, was made of almost 100% sugar so I had to forgo that.  I let the kids have about a 1 inch piece and then we just chucked them!

Finn mesmerized by Beauty and the Beast at Hollywood Studios!  All my kids are big fans of live theater of any sort!

Finn mesmerized by Beauty and the Beast at Hollywood Studios! All my kids are big fans of live theater of any sort!

Dinner at Hollywood and Vine

Dinner at Hollywood and Vine

Kind of a messing looking plate, but the food was really good.  Those mashed potatoes were for my boys but I did taste them and they were awesome!  The salmon (which I am sure was not wild caught) was very tasty and tender as well.  And the pork was off the hook!




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