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My journey back from autoimmune disease

What Went Well Wednesday

on March 28, 2013

So several bloggers that I follow have started a “What I Ate Wednesday” series.  I have decided to jump on that bandwagon but without the food.  In The Hormone Cure, Dr. Gottfried recommends keeping a journal of “what went well.”  This is not a new idea.  Plenty of people advocate gratitude journals which is essentially what this is.  I have had the thought on multiple occasions that I should do this. But then it would just seem like one more thing on an endless “to do” list that I was frantically trying to reduce.  I have certainly been more aware of my blessings over the past few years.  It is one of the weird bonuses of dealing with illness.  Those things you used to take for granted, like a great night’s sleep, stand out vividly in contrast to the daily pains of dealing with disease.  So without further ado, here is what went well Wednesday.

1. I slept well.  From 9:45 to 6:15.

2. The house was quiet when I awoke and I laid in bed and read my Bible and a new spicy fiction book on my Kindle.

3. I went up 5# on my Overhead Press to 55#.

4. I went up 10# on my Deadlift to 125#.  In the past I have never been able to get more than 75# without back pain.  Yeah!

5. I decreased my row time by about a minute after our new trainer, Jake, gave me an awesome tip.

6. I got to gab with all my girls at the gym for about 45 minutes after class.  We planned a paleo brunch for next Tuesday which I am pumped about.

7.  Jen gave me her old Kindle loaded with 135 books!  She is awesome and I love her to pieces.

8.  I got to watch my kids playing baseball in the cove with my mom and dad.

9. I made the best lunch.  Spaghetti squash and sausage.  Will post pics and info later.

10. We finished all our homeschool assignments for the day.

11.  I got a few minutes of private time with the hubs while the kids were next door at my parents.

12.  I have a doctor who was will to order blood work for me (no questions asked)  that many doctors wouldn’t do.  Speaking of which I am off to do that now.


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