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My journey back from autoimmune disease

What Went Well Wednesday

on April 18, 2013

You guys have probably figured this out already, but I am having a hard time finding a dedicated time to sit down and blog!  I used to do it in the evenings, but now that I have committed to getting off the computer and other electronic devices by 8:00pm, that is no longer an option.  On that note, I have slept through the night from about 10-6 for the past 3-4 weeks.  That is huge for me, so I feel like the self-imposed electronic restrictions are worth it.  It reduces my blue light exposure in the evening, but it also helps me turn off my mind and pick up something more soothing like a book or a long bath.  All that said just to say that I want to blog more.  It is my intention.  I am claiming now that I will find the time to do it more often.  Hang with me:)

Here’s some of the good things about Wednesday:

1. Had a long bath with epsom salts and a good book.

2. Played checkers with Cooper

3. Read Nancy Clancy with Finn.

4. Read Black Radishes with Presley and Cooper.

5. Listened to Finn read several pages from her reading book. It is so gratifying to hear her read so well.

6. Took Finn to audition for Peter Pan at one of our community theaters.  She may not get a part since there were a lot of kids, but she was the youngest one and I thought she was super brave to get up there in front of all those other kids!

7.  Doug continues to make me the best sweet potato chips ever!

8.  Had lunch with my CrossFit girls today.  We met around 11:45 and we left the restaurant at 2:15.  They are an absolute light in my life!

9. When it was discovered that my chicken had soy sauce on it, Jenn gave me her fish.

10. Natalie gave me movie passes!

Boy is it great to have friends!  I count them among my greatest blessings!

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