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My journey back from autoimmune disease

New Paleo Books

on July 25, 2013

So look what my sweet husband ordered for me!! So excited when they came in the mail yesterday!!  I haven’t had time to really dive into them yet, but expect to see some reviews and some comments on my favorite recipes in the coming weeks.  I have had 2 extra kids with me this week.  One for a friend who was working and another for a friend who is out of town on a grown- ups only trip.  So jealous!!  And tomorrow night I will have 7 six- year old girls for a sleepover birthday party.  My house looks a little like a pepto bismal accident in here because of it, but she will love it!  Then add in the dirt, leaves, legos, marbles and wet clothes that the 3 boys have been strowing everywhere and you have a pretty good mental picture of what my home looks like right now;)  Kids!!  Oh, well.  They are having a ball and I am just trying to breath through it and remember how much fun they are having and what good memories they are making:)  I’m sure when they are older all that quiet time I thought I was craving will seem like a distant memory and I will long to hear the laughter and noise.

Plenty of end of summer reading and cooking ahead

Plenty of end of summer reading and cooking ahead

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