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Review of Recipes from Primal Cravings

on August 1, 2013

This is going to sound like a really bad idea for someone who is on a mission to lose weight, but I made some treats from Primal Cravings this week.  I’m sure it was a bad idea, but I had 4 “bad” bananas that I couldn’t throw away.  That would be totally wasteful, right? I am going to admit right up front that I did taste each of these items, but I did not throw caution to the wind and inhale entire portions. The first thing I made was Maple Banana Spice Cake.  It was a cross between banana bread and ginger bread.  It turned out great and my kids LOVED it!  They usually won’t eat these types of breads/cakes unless they have chocolate chips or frosting, but they didn’t hesitate for a second on this one.  Score!!

photo(16)I served my kids’ with a big slab of Kerrygold butter on top.  YUM!!!

photo(15)That was 2 bananas.  What to do with the other 2?  Chunky Monkey Muffins you say?  Don’t mind if I do!  These were also really good.  They used a combination of coconut flour and tapioca flour (as did the Maple Banana Spice Cake).  I think this combo comes closest to any I have tried to achieving the “traditional” texture.  While that isn’t always important to me, it can make a difference when trying to feed picky kids- sometimes mine, sometimes one of the many visitors that seem to grace our home on a daily basis:)  My only complaint was that they stuck to the paper liners.  Next time I may grease them or just grease the pan itself.

photo(13)photo(12)Recipe number 3 was B-Butter.  I readily admit that I am a lover of peanut butter.  I know, I know it is so not paleo being a legume and all.  And I don’t have it on a regular basis anymore, but when I saw this recipe and it claimed to be a great substitute I thought I MUST just try a taste of it.  Just a tiny taste;)  My opinion- it is  not peanut butter, but it is good and inside a recipe that called for peanut butter as an ingredient, I think it would be the bomb!  It calls for 8 oz of raw macadamias but I could only find roasted and salted.  The taste was still good, but I neglected to adjust the salt for the salt content of my nuts and so it did come out a touch too salty.

photo(11)And since I had the B-butter and didn’t want to just sit and eat it all by the spoonful, which I totally could have done, I made the No-Bake Granola Bars that called for B-butter as one of the minimal ingredients.  Toasted coconut, coconut oil, honey, B-butter and chocolate chips.  That’s it.  They were super simple to make and incredibly tasty.  I cut mine into smaller pieces than they called for because I thought they were a little rich for a granola bar.  They bordered on a cookie.  A delicious cookie!

photo(14)I encourage you guys to get this book and try these recipes!  There is a picture with every recipe which I LOVE. My daughter, who is 6, loves to help me pick out food and even though she can read, recipes with pictures really appeal to her.  There are a number of things in the book which I can’t wait to make.  It is the type of book that I can really see myself cooking all the way through because the recipes look tasty and simple and the ingredients are easily accessible. Happy Eating!

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