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Review of Shrimp with Fennel Cream from Everyday Paleo Around the World Italian Cuisine

on August 3, 2013

Whew…that was a looong title!  So before you even think it, yes, I am totally blowing this whole diet thing.  That is what happens when you LOVE to cook and your husband gets you 5 new cookbooks at once!  Most of my meals have been on plan, but I found myself with these wild caught shrimp defrosting in the fridge and really wanted to try something new.  The Shrimp with Fennel Cream from Sarah Fragoso’s new book Everyday Paleo Around the World: Italian Cuisine did not disappoint!  I had my whole family- hubby, me, two 11-year-old boys, 6-year-old daughter- plus my dad and my daughter’s best friend and it was a hit with all 7 of us!  The “cream” was a smooth, vegetable puree of fennel, leeks and garlic and it was my favorite.  The kids, however, left most of the “cream” on their plate.  My husband’s description was- “Outstanding.”  He has been very complimentary of my kitchen prowess lately:)  Despite the rave reviews, this probably won’t be a meal we have super often.  To feed my whole  brood, I had to double the recipe and wild caught shrimp aren’t cheap.  Little did I know, but organic fennel and leeks (in the amount I needed) weren’t cheap either.  It was also a little time-consuming for a week night meal.  Not terrible, but not super quick.  There was a lot of chopping and sautéing involved.  I’m just going to warn you that my picture looks nothing like the picture in Sarah’s book.  It was taken with my iPhone for starters and I have yet to get into any food styling.  I basically just plop it on the plate.  The side dish you see is zucchini and squash sautéed with butter and fresh basil.  It is my new favorite summer side dish.  Soooo yummy!


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