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My journey back from autoimmune disease

ED Day 3

on August 14, 2013

I know it is crazy boring, but Day 3 looked just like Day 1 and Day 2 as far as food goes.  The strange thing about it is that it really hasn’t bothered me.  My cravings have been SO mild.  What is up with that???  Usually when I start some program like this the cravings are OFF THE CHARTS!!!  I try to come up with ANY random excuse I can to indulge in something off plan.  And this is the strictest plan of any I have ever been on.  I am seeing that alone as a total blessing and success:))

As for symptoms, they were a little different today.  Let’s keep the good news rolling first.  I had no stomach pain today!  Woo Hoot!! That is a rare occurrence.   I don’t have horrible stomach issues everyday, but I usually have some sort of minor discomfort at the very least.  Today, nothing!  Ok, well, nothing is not really true.  While I did not have any pain or bloating, I did have loose stools.  I know that is TMI, but modesty about bodily functions left me long ago.  When you are really suffering, you get to where you don’t care what you have to tell… doctors, practitioners, friends, random strangers, whoever might be able to help.  And I am hoping some information in my story will help somebody at some point, so I am not holding back on the gory details.  Back to the poop, it was only a couple of times, but it was definitely loose and the food was not fully digested.  I have been out of my digestive enzymes for 2 days, so I am thinking there is a real possibility that it is more due to that than to the change in diet.  Or could be a combination.  Maybe by the end of this process I won’t be so dependent on the digestive enzymes.  We’ll see.  My hair loss was also better today. But my gums were still super sore and my legs are still broken out with the itchy bumps.

Because I have been out of bone broth, I have been drinking grass-fed gelatin in my rooibos tea.  Rooibos tea is a little bit of an acquired taste I think.  I have gotten to where I like it.  Especially when it it the only option besides water or bone broth!  This Great Lakes gelatin dissolves in cold drinks and you can’t taste it at all.  I don’t think it is as good as drinking grass-fed bone broth, but it is a good quick option.

2 responses to “ED Day 3

  1. Haha! I started this same diet yesterday, and my lady cycle began today! I think we are nuts (or warriors – that sounds more flattering 😉 to attempt such a drastic change at such a volatile time! I am already thinking about throwing in the towel, because I seem to have lost my ability to be hardcore. Also, my digestive issues are decently managed with a low-FODMAPS approach. I was just trying to do something good for myself, but there’s always another day for that. 😉 However, I commend you in your efforts to overcome your autoimmune issues and am rooting for you! I will be curiously reading as you undertake your journey. Godspeed!

    • cebrought says:

      Warriors totally!! Love that! My issues were getting better with a low-FODMAPs approach too, but I just wanted more. I’m sure you know the feeling. Despite all my health “issues” and the fact that I have been on this journey for 3 years already, I have this dream of robust health. I have glimpses of it in moments and that is enough to keep me moving towards it. Maybe if this journey works out really well you will consider giving it another go;) I will keep you posted and I’m going to stop by your blog in just a minute and see what you are up to:))

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