From Here to Health

My journey back from autoimmune disease

ED Day 12

on August 23, 2013

Homeschool Mother’s Day Out started back today.  Finn LOVES it.  She is such a social butterfly.  Let’s just take a peek at her week to make my point.

Monday- gymnastics

Tuesday- dance and soccer

Wednesday- Build-a-Bear birthday party

Thursday- homeschool mother’s day out and spending the night with her great-grandmother

Friday- pajama party at her gymnastics gym and spending the night with a friend ( I probably would have made her stay home but I am going to see The Band Perry so I needed a babysitter)

Sound exhausting or what!!  She is a mover and a shaker:)

photo(29) Breakfast

turkey, lard, spinach, chives, drizzle of garlic oil

My tummy hurt for a few minutes afterwards? The truth is, I’m not really hungry in the morning (or the evening for that matter).  I just feel like doing something that looks more like intermittent fasting right now might be hard on my system.  So I eat breakfast.  I may play around with cutting it out or eating it later in the day once I am done with this ED experiment.



Applegate Farms turkey (so hopefully less junk than the deli meat I had a few days ago), organic green beans in ghee, carrot puree, and an olive oil dip




Ground turkey, pesto, green beans and carrot puree


I was a little off today.  I think I had a little of the “carb flu” phenomenon.  I know Day 12 is kind of late in the game to have it, but I never do things by the rules.  Other than that, I still have the itchy bumps.  But now they have moved to my hands and feet.  It’s certainly not the worst thing ever, but I just have this deep need to know what is causing them.  I’m sure I could put some anti-itch cream on them, but it’s not really the itching that bothers me, but the fact that they are there.

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