From Here to Health

My journey back from autoimmune disease

ED Day 14

on August 27, 2013

Two weeks done!  Yay!! While I admittedly haven’t been perfect, I have been pretty close.  I still haven’t hit that 5 days no symptoms goal so I have at least another week and probably 2 ahead of me.


Applegate Farms turkey slices, garlic olive oil for dipping, steamed organic spinach with homemade pesto

I also had bone broth this morning.  For those of you who haven’t made it before, let me warn you that it stinks.  I had 1 batch going all day Thursday and 1 batch going all day Friday and my house was stinky until midday Saturday!  And to be honest, I don’t really like the way it tastes.  My daughter says it tastes like buttered toast.  I LOVE buttered toast but I guess I wouldn’t want to drink it.  Bone broth probably has been the single most helpful thing I have done to help heal my gut though, so I will continue to choke it down.



Wild caught canned salmon with green onion and chives fried in coconut oil, zucchini cooked in ghee

IMG_2578[1]Sorry about the dirty plate.  One of these days I am going to start taking pictures as more than an afterthought and you guys are going to think you are in the wrong place:)


Carrot puree and sausage

The sausage was “off plan”, but I was very low on protein options here at the house.  It was from pastured pork, but it had some spices added to it.  The only spice listed was celery, salt, pepper and turbinado sugar, but there could have been others.  It didn’t give my any digestive issues that I am aware of though.



I had mild heartburn at bedtime.  So maybe the sausage did bother me?  I thought once my diet got this limited it would be easy to tell what was causing what, but it’s not!  I still think there is something giving me an issue.  My husband says to trust the healing process and see it through for the full 4 weeks before I go trying to change it.  I am trying to listen to him.  Stay the course. Stay the course.  Stay the course.

My only other issue was that I fell asleep on the couch yesterday for more than an hour! I know, I know, you are saying “what’s the issue there?”  You have to know me.  I can count on both hands the number of naps I have taken as an adult and they all happened when I was either pregnant or REALLY sick.  I just can’t fall asleep during the day.  Maybe I am just getting so old that going to a concert until midnight the night before really wears me out?  Gosh, I hope not!

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