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My journey back from autoimmune disease

21 Day Sugar Detox- Day 8

I’m hanging in there.  That sounds a little desperate.  It’s not really that bad, I just still don’t have as much energy as I would like.  So…I broke down and had some sweet potato today.  It’s not exactly against the rules.  She recommends it for athletes which I think I qualify for on some days.  Not today mind you as I only walked for about 30 minutes and did some rebounding for 10 minutes.  Maybe it is something else entirely, but at this point I am assuming the lack of energy is from the lack of carbs.  Other than that, I finished a novel, started a new one, did some housework, some homeschool testing with the kids (yes, they weren’t thrilled since it was Saturday), and running some errands.  The boys had a new friend spend the night and it was so much fun to watch them together.  They had the best time riding scooters and plasma cars, playing on the playset and climbing trees.  I love watching my kids be kids.  Not sitting in front of the TV numbing their sweet minds.  No judgement really.  I mean, I love some mind-numbing TV for myself, I just don’t love it for my kids.  Their new friend was so sweet and didn’t think our paleo eating was weird.  As a matter of fact, he cleaned his plate at both dinner and breakfast!  I love that.  My kids cleaned their plates too.  Pretty hard not to since I made 50/50 Bacon & Grass-Fed Beef Burgers from Eat Like a Dinosaur and pastured sausage and Easy Peasy Pancakes from the Paleo Parents for breakfast.

My Paleo Lovin' Boys

My Paleo Lovin’ Boys

Mine are the two on the ends:)  Cute, right?

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Daily Log

Sleep- Another great night thanks to the fact that my hubby was off for Labor Day. Since he works nights, this meant another night of passing out on his chest.  The real test will be tonight now that he is, sadly, back at work:(

Exercise- CrossFit at 9am.  Warm-up- 400 meter run, stretching, worked on snatch and jump shrugs, worked on plantar fascia with a lacrosse ball.  That hurt.  Apparently, mine are tight!  While the rest of the crew worked on snatch pulls (I think), I worked on overhead squats with a 15 pound bar.  This was the first time I have been able to get my arms overhead without serious pain in weeks, so it was a big moment.  The WOD today was 5 pull ups and 100 meter runs, AMRAP, 10 minutes.  I used a blue band and I got 9 rounds.  Later, I did a 12 minute Bodyrock with Doug and there was a new exercise on there called the Spiderman and it kicked our booties!  While the kids were visiting next door with my parents (yes, my parents live next door and it is fabulous), I did a 25 minute rebounder routine that I found in a magazine and wanted to try out.  I watched a rerun of Mike and Molly which I love.  Melissa McCarthy is so freakin’ awesome! LOVE HER!



2 organic chicken sausages, avocado, sweet potato hash browns

Lunch- Ok, so I didn’t really eat lunch, but is was because I made snacks for the kids for the week and I couldn’t help myself from trying them.  And once I did, I wasn’t hungry for lunch.  Here’s what I made, for the kids of course;)

Banana Nut Muffins with Chocolate chips- made with almond flour and a little honey

Essentially a Paleo Smore

I made a big batch of what essentially is a paleo graham cracker. The recipe is from Eat Like a Dinosaur.  It is made with a combo of coconut flour and almond flour.  I am freezing them so I can have them for when the kids need a “treat”.  I had just enough natural peanut butter left in the jar that I couldn’t help myself from slathering one with it and then popping on a small square of 72% dark chocolate.  It was yummy.  Oh, and the kids liked them too:)


Spaghetti Squash with olive oil, garlic and red pepper flakes

I had leftover spaghetti squash so I decided to make a version of a recipe in Well Fed.  I just sauteed garlic and red pepper flakes in olive oil then added some salt, pepper and parsley.  When it was done I topped it with the almond flour crumbs that had been toasted in coconut oil.  And for extra decadence I threw on some grass-fed cheese.  It was super simple and good.

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Catching Up

Ok, so I know I have been remiss about posting over the past week.  I expect all of you to forgive me:))  Just as everyone else on the planet, I have been crazy busy.  I am also trying to decide where I want to take this blog.  I feel like I may have outgrown the current format.  I still want to document where I am going, especially with my health and fitness journey, but it make take me a while to find a new groove, so hang with me, will ya?

My sleeping habits have been all over the map since my last post.  A couple of nights of no sleep, a few nights of deep dreamless sleep, a night of truly erotic dreams (gasp!) and then one dream where Jesus came to me.  I know, weird. FYI, Jesus didn’t speak to me this time, He just comforted me when I lost my daughter in the dream.  Still, it was the first time I had seen Jesus (asleep or awake) and it was pretty cool.  Not sure if the image was based on reality or  my own personal idea of Jesus’ appearance, but either way it was magical.

I have been working out consistently since my last post.  CrossFit, running, Zumba and Bodyrock.  I am improving upon my run time, slowly but surely.  My last 3 mile run was 29:24.  CrossFit has started this new Levels testing.  We had the tests for achieving Level 1 today and I made it!  Yeah me!  I don’t have my sheet in front of me but I think I can remember most of it.

1. 500 unbroken jump ropes

2. 20 unbroken box jumps (20 inches)

3. 15 unbroken thrusters (55 pounds)

4. 80 air squats in 2 minutes

5. 60 sit ups in 2 minutes

6. 20 burpees in 1 minute

7. 400 meter run 1:55 (finished mine in 1:35)

8. 15 unbroken push press ( 55 pounds)

I failed with the wall balls, which was 15 unbroken wall balls with a 14 pound ball.  I only got 7.  Since we only had to pass 8 item I was still good.  I also did 3 consecutive pull ups without a band so that was big stuff for me.

I went to a new accupucturist last week.  It was interesting and I loved my time spent on the table.  I find those needles totally relaxing.  Very zen.  However, after my first treatment my hair started falling out in clumps.  Small clumps, but clumps none the less.  Very strange.  I don’t think I am going back right away.  Also, I am out of money.

Other health news, I have spoken on here before about the state of my thyroid.  The last time it was tested, it was at 5.9.  Much too high, and in need of medication according to my doctor.  Of course, I refused medication and told her I wanted to work on it on my own first.  She is gracious and lovely and knows that I never do anything she says, so she said fine.  Come back in 3 months and let’s at least make sure it isn’t getting worse.  I went back last Friday and got the test.  My results came in today and my numbers was 2.274, a huge success.  The normal range is 0.35-5.50.  I still think it needs to come down a little more, but this is huge progress.  It does however leave me wondering why I haven’t dropped some of this weight and why my hair is still falling out???  Maybe with a little more time that will improve.  I’ll keep you posted.
The food around here has been good, but pretty standard for us.  I did make a new chicken nugget recipe called Fool’s Gold from Eat Like a Dinosaur tonight and the kids loved it.  Finally.  Most of my recipes lately have left my boys going to bed hungry.

Fool’s Gold Chicken Nuggets

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Daily Log

Sleep- Slept from 10:30 to 7:30 except for the few minutes when Jesus woke me up around 3:45.  And yes, you read that right.  Jesus spoke to me last night and woke me up.  I was having a dream in which I was speaking to my grandfather who is very ill.  The relationship is very strained and he does not know my kids because of it (his choice, not mine).  In the dream, I come to my grandfather (I am leaving out other details that I do think have meaning, but I’m just going to cut to the Jesus part) and he says, “So tell me about those boys.”  And I say, “They are loving, sweet, so smart and they show Jesus to people every day.”  And what really seemed like an audible voice says in my ear (loud enough to wake me up) “So do you.”  My husband works night, no one else was around.  I am convinced it was Jesus.  I am always so quick to see the good in my kids or my friends.  I always encourage others to tap into the divinity in themselves.  But often when it comes to looking at myself, I am a very harsh and judgmental critic.  I’m taking this as a sign to love myself and own my own little piece of the divine.  It will be a journey, but I am going to pray that Jesus continues to reveal himself to me.

Exercise-CrossFit at 9am.  Still can’t lift, but I did the warm-up- 300 jump ropes, 10-15-10 pull ups (blue and red band), 30 push ups (I started these and then my trainer said NO), fascia stretches for the achilles tendon. During the lift I did squats and sit ups.  The WOD had to be modified – 10 pull ups, 5 knees to elbows, 7 one leg elevated squats (each leg) 5 rounds.  My time was 8:40.  At around 5:30 I did 24 minutes of Bodyrock with Doug.  No weights, just cardio/bodyweight stuff.



Leftover Hot Plate with a scrambled egg


Chick-fil-A 6 pack grilled nuggets kids’ meal w/unsweet tea

Alright, not paleo.  But it was worth it to share lunch and shopping with these 2 sweet faces.

Cooper enjoying fried rice and honey chicken at the mall

Presley doing the exact same thing. Go figure, twins!


organic apple, sunflower seed butter, grass-fed cheese

Wasn’t super hungry and didn’t feel like cooking.

Snack- I made some Zucchini Bread from Eat Like a Dinosaur and I had a slice fresh from the oven.  Will try to post a picture tomorrow.






Daily Log

Sleep- The absolute pits!  It took me forever to fall asleep and then I never felt like I got into a very deep sleep.  Finn came in twice so that certainly didn’t help things.  Strongly believing for a great night tonight:))

Exercise- CrossFit at 9am.  Didn’t feel my best due to lack of sleep, but I muscled through it anyway.  Warm-up- 500 meter row, 7-9-11-9-7 chin up (blue and red band), 15-20-15 push ups (on knees), then some stretches with the lacrosse balls.  Lift- Tall cleans (?) I think that is right, but not sure.  I decided because I am now nursing a couple of lift related injuries that I am going to step down my weight a lot and really focus on form.  I have a tendency to go all or nothing and most of the time that hasn’t served me well.  I have learned over the years that sometimes it is just fun to play.  I feel like I have to treat this like a marathon, not a sprint.  I still want to be able to do this years from now.  Point is, don’t be expecting a lot of big numbers on my lifts for a while:)) I practiced today using a 15# bar.  I did more reps than required and just worked on form.  We also worked on power cleans.  WOD- It was supposed to be overhead squats, but because of my shoulder I had to do backsquat (65#).  3 backsquats, 7 burpees, 7 or 8 rounds (I forgot). My time was 10:42.

Then I also did a 12 minute Bodyrock circuit with Doug around 5pm.



Last Night’s Leftover Thai Hot Plate- Still Delicious


Tuna salad, avocado, veggie chips, organic berries


Slice of Banana Chocolate Chip Bread with Grass-fed Butter



Eastern European Hot Plate from Well Fed

This is the same one I made last week.  You can’t really see the purple cabbage, spaghetti squash and parsley.  It looks like a big bowl of meat, but it really is mostly veggies.






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2 Daily Logs

So yesterday (Sunday) was a rest day for me and I just didn’t feel like posting.  I say rest day because I didn’t do any real exercise, but there was plenty to do around my house.  All 3 of my kids had lice so I spent most of my weekend dealing with that.  We homeschool, so who knows where they picked it up, but I think after hours of picking, washing, scrubbing, vacumming, burning, shaving, combing, (ok so not really any burning or shaving-the boys did get serious haircuts though) I believe we are officially de-loused!

Sleep-I slept ok, but Finn woke up screaming, and I do mean SCREAMING for me in the middle of the night.  It was another spider nightmare.  It makes me sad that she has so many terrible images in her mind when she goes to sleep, but I don’t really know what to do about it.  It doesn’t seem to affect her during the day.  She is actually my most fearless child.

Exercise- Rest



1 organic fried egg, 1 nitrate free sausage, leftover sweet potato hash browns and half of a nut butter cup


Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

This was a recipe from Eat Like a Dinosaur. I found myself with lots of super ripe bananas so I made two loaves of this and the kids loved it.  And actually, I must confess that I ended up eating a chunk of it right out of the oven with some grass-fed butter.  I didn’t intend for it to be my lunch, but it was pretty filling.


Leftover Salmon Cakes and Red Cabbage


Sleep- Pretty good.  Most noteworthy thing was that Finn slept through the night:))

Exercise- CrossFit at 9am. Warm-up- 400 meter run, 5-10-15-10-5 burpees, 5-7-9-7-5 pull up ( I switched around between only the blue band and the blue and red together), then we worked on our fascia with the foam rollers.  I think it is the most painful thing we do.  It kills!  Lift – Front Squat- 2×10 and 1×10+ I did 3 sets of 10 with 65#.  I am still struggling with some minor injuries and form issues so I am not attempting to go up in weight.  Backsquat- 1×20 (85#). WOD- 8 rounds of rowing 30 seconds on, 60 seconds rest.  My lowest round was 127 meters and my total was around 1050meters.

My daughter started acrobatics tonight.  It turned out that there was a Zumba class at the same place at the same time.  The first class was free so I decided to do it.  Turned out I knew the teacher from a few years ago when I was doing Zumba regularly and starting to teach.  After doing so much dancing a few weeks ago in Nashville I have really been wanting to put some dance back into my life.  It is an activity that brings me so much joy.  The classes are really reasonable so I may continue to do this on Monday nights.


Breakfast-For some reason my phone pooped out and wouldn’t email these photos, but it was just a veggie scramble and some avocado.

Lunch- I made the tuna salad from Eat Like a Dinosaur and served it in an avocado “boat” with some root veggie chips and a few organic dark cherries.


Pioneer Woman Roast Organic Chicken

Well Fed Thai Hot Plate

I roasted the chicken last night but used some of the meat in the Thai Hot Plate.  The chicken alone was fantastic, but the recipe called for so much butter I don’t know how it could have been anything but divine.  The Thai Hot Plate was divine as well.  The kids even loved it.  It was green beans, red bell peppers and chicken served over spaghetti squash.  Then I drizzled her Sunshine Sauce on it (similar to a peanut sauce) and garnished with cilantro, chopped cashews and mango.  I could seriously eat this once a week.



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Daily Log

Sleep-  Fell asleep easily which I am always thankful for.  I did wake up at 3am for some unknown reason and after that I slept til about 6:45 but not very deeply.

Exercise- I took the day off from CrossFit because of my biceps tendon issue and my left hip area issue.  I felt like these “strained” areas needed a little rest from the heavy lifting.  I did go for a run because the weather was so nice.  It was like 70 and breezy which is CRAZY for August in Memphis.  I ran 2 miles and my time was 20:01.  I would really like to decrease that time over the next few months.  I have never been a fast runner.  I have pretty good endurance and I have run up to 15 miles at a time, years ago.  I have no desire to run long distances any more because I feel like it is too hard on my body, but I would like to run 2-3 miles in a shorter amount of time.  Moving on, when Doug got up I did a 12 minute Bodyrock workout with him.



Sweet Potato Hash Browns, 2 scrambled eggs, avocado, organic dark cherries

Lunch- I had the leftover leafy green and salmon cakes from last night.  Still yummy.

Snack- I actually didn’t eat one of these, but I did take a small bite.  They came from Eat Like a Dinosaur. Of course, my daughter loved them and ate 2 of them but my boys didn’t love them.  They ate one, but only because there was nothing else. I thought they were pretty good, but not as good as my almond flour muffins.  The flip side is, since I am avoiding nuts right now, these would be a good alternative since they only have sunflower seed butter.

Nut Butter Cups

Dinner- Sorry about the terrible picture.

Baked Hake, sauteed red cabbage, baked squash and tomatoes



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Daily Log

Sleep- It was good.  I went to sleep easily and woke up refreshed.  Only caveat was that Finn woke up around 2:30 screaming.  Nightmares again:(  I tried getting in bed with her but every time I tried to leave she would wake up and say “Mommy, don’t leave.”  So I ended up just taking her to bed with me.

Exercise- Active Rest Day so no CrossFit.  I did a Bodyrock Flow workout at 8am.  It was 30 minutes of a yin yoga stretching routine and I loved it.  I felt so relaxed afterwards and the time flew by.  Normally when I do something “slow” like that, I tend to get restless.  Not this time.  At 10am the kids and I went to Shelby Farms (a large local park) and did a 3 mile walk.  Once again, it was a slow pace.  It was hot and my 5 year old got tired.  I think I was holding her scooter about a quarter of a mile in!  After the 3 miles, we played at the playground.  Finn got stuck in a tree after climbing the ropes course.  I went up and down, up and down trying to figure out a way to get her down.  Finally, a nice man offered to help me.  I went to the top and was able to pass her down to him. Whew!  I thought I was going to have to tell her to jump and just hope for the best.

Cooper on the Ropes Course

Finn walking the line

Presley Just a Swingin’

When everyone was still riding their own scooter



Last Night’s Hot Plate with a Scrambled Egg on Top

This was SOME KINDA GOOD!  The kids even ate it!  Will definitely be doing it again!

Lunch-  We splurged today.  The kids wanted a treat and I really didn’t have anything to give them so we stopped by Kroger and got gluten free pizza.  Definitely better than fast food (which is what they wanted), but not the greatest either.  They loved it though and we had such a great morning.

I had a pack of nitrate free, uncured pepperoni from Whole Foods so I jazzed up the pizza with those.  We split the two evenly between the four of us but I couldn’t finish mine. Probably because I am not used to eating things like that.


Grass-fed Beef Short Ribs

Grass-fed Beef Short Ribs with paleo BBQ sauce and broccoli

Ok, so I had never made short ribs before, but let me tell you they are AWESOME!  I adapted a recipe from Pioneer Woman (whom I happen to love even though I can never really make any of her food anymore).  Then I made this paleo BBQ sauce from Eat Like a Dinosaur.  The meat was so tender and yummy and the sauce was super.  The kids loved every bite. I don’t think I will make this too often simply because of the price.  The ribs alone were $30.  Our food budget is a more than our mortgage already so this will only be a “sometimes” dinner. And honestly, the 4 pounds I bought weren’t really enough.  My husband’s portion was kinda puny.
For dessert I made the kids a Paleo Chocolate Milkshake from Eat Like a Dinosaur.  It was not a hit. I tasted it and thought it was fine, but they knew that there were dates and an avocado in there and they just couldn’t get past it.  My husband said it tasted like a Bill Cosby Jello Pudding.






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Daily Log

Sleep– Another great night!  Hallelujah!  I don’t know exactly what time I went to sleep.  I got in the bed to read at 9:30 which was awesome all on its own.  When I got sleepy, I turned out the light.  I am guessing it was about 10:30.  I woke up at 7:48 which is the latest I have slept in a REALLY long time.  One side note, I have been having lots of dreams.  A few of them have been nightmarish, like snakes in the couch!  I had another really disturbing one about one of my boys being molested.  These types of dreams are very unusual for me.  Not really sure if there is any meaning there or not.  Actually, I’m sure there is some meaning to these dreams, I just don’t know what it is.

Exercise-Rest Day; did Bodyrock Flow workout- it was 15 minutes with the primary focus on backbends.  The girl who leads these videos looks like she has no bones.  I don’t expect to get quite that flexible, but I would really love to improve.  Also did 10 minutes on the rebounder and an easy 20 minute walk.



4 organic strawberries, 5 organic blackberries, Sausage Hash

The has is a recipe from Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso.  It is super easy and super yummy.  I had the butcher at Whole Foods add sausage seasoning to their pasture raised ground pork and it worked perfectly.


Chick hot dog, sauerkraut, avocado, pineapple, broccoli

Kind of a weird lunch.  Wanted to eat up the leftover broccoli and sauerkraut and this pineapple was getting almost too ripe.  My daughter asked for these hot dogs yesterday at Whole Foods.  Here they are:

They were definitely “lighter” tasting than regular hot dogs, but they still had a good flavor.  Here is my daughter enjoying her sauerkraut.  She always amazes me with the things she likes to eat.  Not a typical 5 year old!

Finn enjoying her Sauerkraut

Finn loves to bake so I agreed to bake our way through the treats section in our new cookbook, Eat Like a Dinosaur.  Our first attempt was a glowing success with these chocolate chip cookies.

Eat Like a Dinosaur Chocolate Chip Cookies

I cut one open so you could see they were gooey and moist in the middle.  They really could compete with a more “traditional” chocolate chip cookie.


All-American Hot Plate from Well Fed

This is from Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan. She calls for any ground meat and I used bison because I had it on hand.  The items that look like potatoes are actually jicama.  I had actually never had jicama cooked before.  I have used it like a crudite, but this way was a new idea for me.  My husband and I really liked it.

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Daily Log

Sleep- 11-7:15 with no interruptions!  Awesome.  Keep it coming:))

Exercise- CrossFit at 9.  Warm-up- 500 meter row, 10-15-10 burpees, 3-5-7-5-3 handstand push ups( did mine off a box on my toes and I had trouble with these today), 3-5-7-5-3 pull ups (blue and red bands), we did some fascia stretches with rollers and balls.  Lift- Deadlift 1×5 at 115# and 1×20 at 95#, Overhead press 2×5 at 45# and 1×10 at 45#.  WOD – 30 knees to elbows, 30 supermans, 3 rounds of 10 ring dips (started with a blue band, but they made me change to red) & 400 meter run then back to 30 more knees to elbows and 30 more supermans.  My time was 13:11.



Veggie Scramble, 1/2 avocado, 4 strawberries, 5 blackberries


small apple, 2 tbsp sunflower seed butter, sweet potato fries


Bacon Beef Burgers

This was a recipe from Eat Like a Dinosaur.  I ended up wrapping my burger up in my lettuce and veggies, but I wanted you to be able to see it first.  My kids loved this burger.  They ate seconds.  Well, they split the last remaining burger.  They would have eaten another whole one if it had been available.  The broccoli was a little oversteamed but I ate it anyway.