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My journey back from autoimmune disease

Daily Log

We had a light therapy meeting to share with our owners the highlights of what we learned at the Summit last weekend.  It was great, but it was long and I am tired so I am going to attempt to make this post short.

Sleep–  Awesome!  Fell asleep easily.  Finn came and woke me up at 12:53, but I tucked her back in and was back to sleep within minutes.

Exercise– CrossFit at 9am.  Just going to hit the high points.  I started with blue band on my chin ups, but had to add the red one back in half way through.  Still an improvement.  I also moved to the red band on my ring dips so go me again!  The lift today was no good because according my trainer I have some sort of biceps tendon issue.  I thought it was my rotator cuff but he says no. I was really struggling with the snatch balance today because of that.  I ended up just using a weighted PVC pipe and working on my form.  I was ok to do the WOD though and I beat everyone else.  Couldn’t have had anything to do with the fact that everyone else lifted and I really didn’t, right?  Oh, well, I’ll take it anyway;)



Veggie Scramble, nitrite free sausage, avocado, orange


Organic spinach, avocado, Waldorf tuna salad, pimento cheese on tomato slices

Dinner- I was in a hurry because of the meeting so I just ate what was left of the avocado and tuna salad.  I also had a handful of Pop Chips and a few strawberries and 1 piece of pineapple at the meeting.



Daily Log

Sleep– I was super tired, but I tossed and turned from about 11-1.  My tendonitis in my rotator cuffs just would not ease up.  I finally decided to get up and do some light therapy on it.  I grabbed my book, My Immortal by Erin McCarthy, (a friend of mine has given me several books to read).  I finished the book ( it was good, not a classic, but easy to read and a good escape) and I fell asleep halfway through my second 20 minute light session.  I woke up at 8:30 which may be the lastest I have gotten up since I had my twins 10 years ago.  Seriously!

Exercise- Since I woke up at 8:30, I missed the 9am CrossFit.  I totally missed my crew of girls, but the noon class was good.  Warm up- 1000k row, 2-4-6-4-2 pull ups ( only the blue band today, go me!), 2-4-6-4-2 hand stand push ups ( did the last few against the wall to practice, but most off the box), 30 knees to elbows and an odd stretch with our leg up on some boxes.  Lift- Overhead squat-  I find this very hard on my shoulders.  1×5, 1×5+  I used a 35# bar and did 8 reps on the second set. Backsquat- 1×20 I used 75#.  WOD- 50-40-30-20-10 Double under jump rope and sit ups.  I have not mastered the double under yet so I had to do singles – 100-80-60-40-20.  My time was 8:45.  For some reason, I didn’t feel like I had worked out hard enough so I ran 2 miles when I got home. Time-19:24.



More Leftover sweet potato has browns, chicken sausage and pineapple


Wild Planet 100% Pole & Troll Caught Tuna

I used this tuna to make the Waldorf Tuna Salad from Well Fed. It claims to have less than half the mercury and be sustainably caught.  I got it at Costco and it was definitely more expensive than the Kirkland brand I have bought in the past. If the claims are true then it is worth it.  It was also delicious.

Waldorf Tuna Salad in Avocado Boat and the last of the fresh pineapple

This would have been totally paleo except I used store bought mayo.  I was running late for lunch and just didn’t have the time to make the homemade.  Next time:)

Snack- handful of dark chocolate chips and a spoon of peanut butter.  Let me just admit now that this was a stress reaction.  My mom had just come over to tell me that my grandfather is not expected to make it through the next 24 hours.  I don’t know why this made me want chocolate, but it did.  Peanut butter, too? Even better.  It didn’t turn into an all out binge though so I’m giving myself credit for that.  The situation is crazy stressful because my grandfather married a woman who has cut us out of his life entirely.  Her first order of business was moving him across the country.  The next to write us out of his will.  It has progressed with her sending back pictures of my kids.  I feel like I have learned to forgive her, but knowing that he has been sick and she has kept it from us until it was too late for us to come see him alive has gotten some pretty powerful feelings stirred up in me.  Mostly, my heart breaks for my mom because I know how much it hurts her.  That’s her daddy and that is a pretty big thing in a girl’s life, even if she is all grown.


Wild Hake Loins with Roasted Cauliflower

This was a fish I had never heard of but picked up at Costco for something different.  Reminded me of Mahi Mahi, very meaty.  The kids loved it.  They always love any type of seafood.  I gave the kids the “less burned” cauliflower, but honestly, I kind of like the burned pieces. Shhh! Don’t tell. They think I am being nice:))


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Daily Log-Whole 30 Day 20

Sleep- 12;30-6:15- Not great, but better than it has been.  Must have been the vodka and ice cream;)  And I got to wake up to this face:

My nephew Houston having breakfast

Exercise-2.89 interval run/walk- 38:29.  It took a little longer because we ran to the Publix to get breakfast food and the clock was running while we were doing our shopping and checking out.  Our checker was a lovely man named Peter who wanted to ask us all about what we were doing in Nashville and what light therapy is.  So friendly.  Gotta love the south:))  We then did a 12 minute Bodyrock workout.

1.Side to Side on chair

2.2 walking squats with an overhead press (17 pound sandbag)


4.3 squats (low-medium-high) with sandbag on alternating sandbags



Whole 30 Day 20 Breakfast

2 local, organic eggs scrambled in coconut oil, 2 nitrite free pork sausages, 1/2 organic apple, 1/2 avocado


Whole 30 Day 20 Lunch

1 slice turkey, 1 slice ham, lettuce, tomato, salad greens with tomato and cucumber, balsamic vinaigrette, pickle, slaw, fruit

Snack- protein bar

Dinner- We had a meet-n-greet with open bar and appetizers.  The only thing I could have was grilled chicken and raw veggies and blue cheese dip (I splurged on the blue cheese dip).  I also had 2 small glasses of white wine.

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Light Therapy Experiment – Week 4

I am still not sure about my results.  Sometimes it seems like the wrinkles are definitely better, other times I think there is no difference at all?!  Can anybody else tell anything? Also, maybe the differences in the pictures are due to lighting, etc?  I don’t know.  I will try to post the pictures side by side and see if it is easier to tell anything.

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Health History – Light Therapy

So this post is a little out of order, but I wanted to address this topic in one post.  Well, that is not true.  I am sure I will talk more about light therapy since is now my career, but I wanted to give the introduction in one post.  As we all know, if you have been reading my previous posts, and of course why wouldn’t you since they are nothing short of mesmerizing summer reading (ha ha), I was very sick in August of 2010.  I had just received my laundry list of diagnoses…Sjodgren’s syndrome, vasculitis, gluten intolerance/Celiac disease, low pregesterone, low testosterone, high cortisol, adrenal fatigue, hypoglycemia, anemia, hypothyroidism, follicutlis, the list goes on…..

As I stated before, I had refused to continue with the traditional allopathic treatment of Prednisone.  I continued to work with my diet, exercise and supplements, but I also found…drumroll….light therapy.  I am going to cut to the chase right now and say that I believe God used light therapy to save my life!  It came to me through a friend of my mom’s.  My mom bought the equipment and since she lives next door, I began to borrow it at night.  Well, the first thing I noticed was that I was sleeping.  Hallelujah!  It felt like nothing short of a miracle since I hadn’t slept more than 15-20 minutes at a time since the ringing began in my ears.  Pretty soon, I started doing it again first thing in the morning before I had to take the equipment back to her.  I then began to realize that it was helping with the pain in my arms and legs due to the vasculitis.  And let me tell you, nothing had helped with that pain up to this point.  Not drugs, massage, heat, ice, nothing.  I would strap on those light pads and in one 20 minute session my pain would be gone.  At first it only helped for a couple of hours, but over the coming weeks that time began to grow until by May of 2011 I was completely pain free and vasculitis free according to my cardiologist. Another victory!  As I began to learn more about light therapy I decided to get certified as a Light Therapy Technician. I now do light therapy sessions at a spa and I do educational seminars for Avalon Light Therapy.  The technology is truly astounding.  It can help get the body back in balance from any number of conditions/diseases.  I will put up a link to the Avalon site in case anyone wants to check it out.


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Light Therapy Experiment Week 2

So I have been doing the light therapy on my forehead for 2 weeks and this is what it looks like.  I think it looks pretty much the same.   Most of the clinical experiments that I have seen have run for 8 or 12 weeks so I’m not giving up hope yet.  At week 4 I will post all three pictures together so we can get a better idea.  I did get my eyebrows waxed yesterday, so that alone is helping the look of my face:))

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Light Therapy Experiment -Week 1

I haven’t talked to you guys about my light therapy yet.  And I am really not going to get into it in depth right now.  However, I do want to share that I am running my own little experiment on myself.  Red and Infrared LED light has been clinically shown to improve collagen and elastin production thereby reducing wrinkles.  I don’t have too many wrinkles yet (I’m 34), but I do have some on my forehead.  At times they don’t look so bad and on other days they look like a deep ravine!  I am assuming the difference is moisture and stress levels on  different days?  Not sure.  Anyway, I own light therapy equipment and I am going to try using the Red and Infrared pad on my forehead wrinkles for the next 12 weeks.  (most studies of this nature have been either 8 or 12 weeks) My goal is to do one 20 minutes session everyday, but there will probably be days when I don’t get to it.  I am including a “before” picture and hope to post pictures each week of how it is going.  And just in case anybody feels the need to mention it, yes I should have waxed my brows before I took this picture:))

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