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My journey back from autoimmune disease

ED Day 16

I think this might have been my first symptom free day!!!  If you don’t count the weird bumps.  And I’m not counting them.  Maybe that’s cheating, but I don’t care;)


Still super low on food around here.  Had a little turkey and a little tuna with olive oil and carrot puree.  I also had my bone broth again.  This is the most gelatinous bone broth I have ever made.

photo(37)That is was it looked like out of the fridge!


Turkey/tuna and zucchini cooked in ghee. I made ghee on Sunday.  I burned the first 2 batches!  $24 to get one small jar of ghee.  I don’t know what was wrong with me Sunday.  I also can’t believe my sweet hubby went back to the store TWICE to get me grass-fed butter.  It is so wonderful to be loved!


Salmon cake with green onions, chives and spices, cooked in coconut oil. The one I made the other day was gross, so my husband made this one and it was much better.  He just has the touch with certain things.  Oh, that sounded a little randy;)  I also had more zucchini with fresh basil and oregano.


I started taking liver pills today with lunch and dinner.  What are liver pills you ask?  Just what it sounds like.  Cooked liver chopped into tiny pieces and frozen.  It looks just like cat food.  I thought the kids would think I was crazy, but I guess they are getting accustomed to my “odd” eating habits because my 6-year-old daughter asked for a liver pill!  I am trying the liver pills because I really believe in the healing/nutrient powers of grass-fed liver, but I just can’t seem to get it down without it triggering my gag reflex.  I’ll post a picture of my “cat food” tomorrow:)

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21 Day Sugar Detox Days 21-21

So it is over.  It is currently the morning of the 22nd day and I’m done!  I am going to try to recap a little of what I learned during this 21 days in list form.

1. I was addicted to sugar and treats!  For the first 2 weeks I had some of the “legal” treats everyday.  But, for the last week, I let them go and I survived!  It was nice to feel that sense of freedom from that need.  I found what worked for me was going for a quick walk or picking up a book and relaxing for a few minutes.  It was more doable than I thought possible.

2. The “detox” period lasted longer than I thought it would.  I was probably 2 weeks in before I quit having periods of what felt like low blood sugar.  I felt better on days when I at least had some rutabaga or something slightly more starchy.

3.  I think I have SIBO.  Or some other form of intestinal issue.  I took on the autoimmune protocol while doing this 21DSD because of it.  I am also flirting with low FODMAPs.  I experienced what I think was some die-off effects about 10 days in and continued for a week that made me come to this decision.  Because of this, I plan to continue with some version of this plan for the next few months.

4. I LOVE kombucha!  And I can tolerate liver, for my health.

5.  For those of you wanting to know, I felt like I lost a little bloat/water weight during the first week.  However, once the SIBO/die-off stuff came on, the bloating came back with a vengeance.  It is still working it’s way out.  I think for the more “typical” person though, there would be some weight loss.

6.  My CrossFit performance was better and more effortless.  Yesterday’s WOD was:

20 Hand Release Push Ups, 21 Thrusters (squat to a ball then push barbell overhead) , 400 meter run

20 Hand Release Push Ups, 15 Thrusters, 400 meter run

20 Hand Release Push Ups, 9 Thrusters, 400 meter run

I finished first in the gym with a time of 11:47.  And it wasn’t very hard.  I used a 35# barbell for my thrusters so next time I will have to raise that.

For dinner last night I made a delicious soup.  Well, I guess delicious is debatable because 2 of my kids wouldn’t eat it.  It was grass fed beef, organic green beans, parsnips, carrots, celery, red and yellow onion, garlic, parsley and lots of seasonings.  Basically anything I had left in the fridge or freezer.

Fridge/Freezer Soup

Fridge/Freezer Soup

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My weekend of adventurous foods

So I am sitting in the car waiting on my daughter to finish gymnastics and I thought I would try out this WordPress app. I wanted to share about my adventurous food experiences this weekend. I am currently on day 3 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox and apparently I have decided to swap my sugar for some far more nutritious foods. I already shared that I started my weekend with sardines and fermented veggies. My next adventure was LIVER. I won’t lie, the first bite made me gag. I think it was a mental thing because my hubby really did a great job with it. He cooked with lots of bacon, onions, and garlic. All 3 of my kids ate every bite. Mind you we just said it was beef. That’s not a lie, right? Then tonight I made marrow bones. I am going to confess right here and now that I did not eat one single bite. I was dry heaving just pulling that goo out! It had the texture of oysters which I just can’t get down. My husband ate some but didn’t love it, I’m going to make bone broth when I get home.




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February 2, 2013

So I thought I was going to have at least a semi-leisurely day today.  No.  That did not happen.  This is why I am just not getting around to posting something.  I want to share a couple of things.  First off, I am starting the 21 day sugar detox tomorrow.  I am really excited.  I think I have the other parts of paleo pretty much dialed in, but sugar is a b*$#%!!  Really.  It just gets me.  I would like to get to the point where I can have a paleo treat on occasion or enjoy some paleo pancakes with the kids sometimes, but it just leads me down a spiral.  I don’t eat processed sugar which is great, but I still overdue it even on the more natural stuff.  I will be posting about how that is going for the next 21 days.  Also, I just wanted to tell you guys what I got at the store today.  LIVER!! and MARROW BONES!  I am hard core ya’ll!  I’m not gonna kid ya, I’m nervous about cooking these things, but I keeping hearing how good they are for so many things so I am taking the plunge.  I made chili for dinner tonight with deer meat ya’ll.  Deer meat!  And my kids ate it.  And just to prove my bad assedness a little more, here is a picture of my breakfast.

fermented veggies, sardines, guacamole & bacon

fermented veggies, sardines, guacamole & bacon

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