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Fitness Friday

So at the moment I am blaming these dismal numbers on my approaching “lady issue” but I don’t know if that is really the case.  I don’t feel any bigger but I guess the numbers don’t lie.

Waist – 26 inches (up .25 from last week)

Hips – 34 inches  (up .25 from last week)

Thighs – 23 1/4  (up .25 from last week)


Fitness Friday

I still didn’t weigh.  I think I will at some point, but I’m just not feeling it yet.  My measurement are:

Waist – 25 3/4 inches (1/4 inch loss)

Hip – 33 3/4 inches (1/4 inch loss)

Thigh – 23 inches (same)

Ok so not huge, but a little movement.  That seems promising:))

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Fitness Friday

Le t me just say that I am feeling a little dejected about Fitness Friday:(  I’m going to let it derail me or get me down, but my first reaction at my lack of “visible” progress is disheartening.  I think that’s normal.  Everyone wants to see progress when they work really hard, right? Just human nature.  Anyway, here are my stats:

Waist – 26 inches (same)

Hips – 33.75 inches (down 1/4 an inch IF I measured in the same spot as last week)

Thighs – 23 inches (This is the place where I would love to see more improvement.  I have put several inches on my thighs for whatever reason and I would really like it GONE!)

I probably shouldn’t have done it, but some wild hair possessed me to get on the scale yesterday.  It was 125.8 pounds.  An increase of about 2 pounds.  I know that isn’t much, but I thought I would at least be maintaining while doing this Whole 30.  Maybe I am doing some aspect of it incorrectly?  On a positive note, my sugar cravings are gone.  I really do feel like I am experiencing a freedom that is long overdue and incredibly welcome.  It  really is a bigger gift than the loss of a few pounds or inches and I know that.  Really I do.  But I still want the body changes:)

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Fitness Friday

Still avoiding the scale, but my measurements are as follows:

Waist – 26in (down from last week, but same as week 1)

Thighs – 23 in (same)

Hips – 34 inches (1/2 in loss)

I had a bit of a break down after CrossFit today.  My trainer pushed me really hard on my weight lifting and I ended up having this weird headache sort of thing afterwards.  Went from the back of my neck to the back of my left eye.  I’m feeling like maybe I need to have a conversation about my health history with him.  I felt like it was too much weight for me, but he insisted that I could do it.  While I am appreciative for his belief in my ability, I don’t want to go back to where I was when I was overtraining.  It was only 18 months ago that I started exercising again.  I was off of all exercise for 6 months at my doctors orders because they were afraid I would have a stroke.  I think I just have some fear of being back in that place.  I don’t want to compare myself to others because it is never really a fair comparison.  All I know when I look at them is their outsides so I end up comparing their outsides with my insides.  What I know, think and feel about myself is wrapped up in a whole lot more than what someone could see on the outside.  My strengths, insecurities, fears, triumphs, etc aren’t always visible to the person next to me.  Does any of that make sense?

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Fitness Friday – Measurements

Here are those measurements I promised:)

Waist- 26 inches ( which is up about 2 inches over the past 6 months)

Thighs – 23 (also up 2 inches)

Hips – 341/2 inches (I have to caution with this one that I am never entirely sure I am measuring in the exact same place twice?)

These pictures are not great, obviously!  But as we all know my tech skills are entirely lacking.  Hang with me and hopefully the pictures for Fitness Fridays will get better (hopefully my body and my tech skills:)) And yes it is Monday morning when I am posting this.  I am woefully behind. Had to get my boys to camp yesterday and then travel to Nashville to keep my darling nephew this morning. I am hoping to get back to my daily posting as of today.