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Bye-Bye CrossFit

My CrossFit membership expires today:(  And as much as I love it, I am not rejoining right away.  There are several reasons for that, all equally important in my view.  Number 1, we really need to put that $239 to another use.  We need a new air conditioner in the house, a new garage door, a new car, and the list goes on and on.  Number 2, two of my CrossFit gals are opening a new CrossFit gym across town.  Because of this a few of my girls will be going there and another is going to go to one closer to home.  While I am excited about their gym, it is a 30 minute drive for me and probably not feasible on a regular basis.  Lastly, as much as I loved CrossFit, I got better results when I worked out at home.  I’m not really sure what the reason is behind that.  I am completely certain that 5 days a week of CrossFit was too much for me.   I think it caused some cortisol and adrenal issues.  If I do ever go back it will probably only be a couple of days a week.

So, what am I going to be doing in the meantime?  I’m glad you asked!  I have decided to do the workout program in Paula Owens’ Fat Loss Revolution.  It is a 12 week program that you can do at home if you have the equipment.  I already had most of it and I’m just modifying for the equipment that I don’t have.  At least for now.  She basically recommends walking, rebounding, lifting heavy 3 days a week, yin yoga, and sprinting.  The program that I designed for myself for right now is a modification that looks like this:

Walking- 2 miles 5 mornings a week and 2 miles in the evening on as many days as schedule permits

Rebounding- 10  minutes daily- mainly for lymphatic flow because I have an issue with sluggish lymphatics

Yin Yoga- no schedule on this, just when I have the time or feel the desire

Heavy Lifting-  Right now I am doing 2 days a week- Tuesday and Friday.  I might bump that up at some point.

Sprinting- Not Yet.  She recommends once or twice a week.  Once I get comfortable with all the rest I might add it in if I am still sleeping well.

So that’s it!  I can say this- I was CRAZY sore after the first 2 lifting sessions!  I could absolutely tell that I was using different muscles than what I was using at CrossFit.  I have been super lax on taking pictures lately.  The few I have taken I can’t get off my phone for some reason.  Very frustrating.  However, I am going to try to take some pictures over the course of this 12 week exercise plan so we can determine if it is working.  I’ll get to posting as soon as I find some techy genius to help me out:)

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21 Day Sugar Detox- Day 8

I’m hanging in there.  That sounds a little desperate.  It’s not really that bad, I just still don’t have as much energy as I would like.  So…I broke down and had some sweet potato today.  It’s not exactly against the rules.  She recommends it for athletes which I think I qualify for on some days.  Not today mind you as I only walked for about 30 minutes and did some rebounding for 10 minutes.  Maybe it is something else entirely, but at this point I am assuming the lack of energy is from the lack of carbs.  Other than that, I finished a novel, started a new one, did some housework, some homeschool testing with the kids (yes, they weren’t thrilled since it was Saturday), and running some errands.  The boys had a new friend spend the night and it was so much fun to watch them together.  They had the best time riding scooters and plasma cars, playing on the playset and climbing trees.  I love watching my kids be kids.  Not sitting in front of the TV numbing their sweet minds.  No judgement really.  I mean, I love some mind-numbing TV for myself, I just don’t love it for my kids.  Their new friend was so sweet and didn’t think our paleo eating was weird.  As a matter of fact, he cleaned his plate at both dinner and breakfast!  I love that.  My kids cleaned their plates too.  Pretty hard not to since I made 50/50 Bacon & Grass-Fed Beef Burgers from Eat Like a Dinosaur and pastured sausage and Easy Peasy Pancakes from the Paleo Parents for breakfast.

My Paleo Lovin' Boys

My Paleo Lovin’ Boys

Mine are the two on the ends:)  Cute, right?

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January 29, 2013

Finally put some darkening material over my windows and it is awesome!  I’m doing well at going to sleep before 10:30.  It has been ranging from about 9:45 to 10:30 and I think that’s pretty good.  So far the thyroid med seems to be agreeing with me.  I haven’t noticed any major changes, but it certainly isn’t giving me any problems.  I made the kids (ok, I ate some too) the Easy Peasy Pancakes from Paleo Parents.  They were easy and they were really delish!  For dinner we had the Pad Thai from Well Fed.  The kids didn’t eat it we well, but the hubby and I thought it was great!  I am going to try to get back to putting some pictures on here.  I was using Instagram and then my account got all messed up so I quit.  Anyway, not much exercising to speak of today- some rebounding and 25 minutes of yoga.  I planned on taking a walk but I just curled up and read a book instead.  Oops:)

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