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Virgin Diet Update

Thought I would check in (mostly with myself) to update the results of my Virgin Diet experience.  I am not really sure what day I am on.  I did a full week of the 2 shakes a day before Christmas, then I took Christmas Day and the day after off.  I started back on the 27th so I guess that makes this Day 11 since I really considered it a start over.  I finally got up the courage to get on the scale.  Since I’m not really sure where I started, I don’t know how much I have lost, but it is probably around 4 pounds.  I feel like I need to lose more, but I’m not obsessing over it because I feel better.  I am sleeping better, my digestion is improving (more on that in a minute), my energy is better and my mind is clearer.  When I first started the Virgin Diet it messed with my digestion.  I was gassy and a little constipated.  I think it was adding all that fiber.  I also had some reflux (although that was there before the diet).  I started doing some research and I ended up putting prunes in my shake and taking bitters and DGL before meals and it has helped tremendously.  I think I needed these products before the diet, but I just wasn’t in the mode to go and search them out.  I am also back at CrossFit after a month off and it feels great!  I am only going 3 days a week for the month of January and I’m only pushing to about 70%.  I still don’t have my thyroid regulated so I don’t really feel like it is smart to push it any harder until that is more stable.  My doc is putting my on Armour thyroid, but he hasn’t started it yet.  All in all, feeling better and feeling hopeful.  Here’s to a Happy New Year!

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Virgin Diet- Days 5-7

I have been really pleased with how this diet challenge is going.  The shakes aren’t bad and I feel better.  I have even decided to do one more week of the 2 shakes a day.  I wasn’t perfect on Day 7 (Christmas Eve) and today will not be “perfect” either.  I made some paleo treats with my daughter that I wanted to share with her.  I will post pictures in a later post.  Everything we made was Virgin Diet compatible if it hadn’t been for the sugar.  There were no eggs, dairy, soy, peanuts, corn or  gluten.  There was no refined sugar, but I did use honey and maple syrup.  Everything turned out great and my kids thought all of it was wonderful.  I felt like it was a good compromise.  I didn’t put anything into my body that was going to wreck it AND my family had a special holiday.  Win-Win:))

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The Virgin Diet

So based on a recommendation from a dear friend and health coach, I am going to do the Virgin Diet.  I have known for 2 years that I have a gluten allergy, but I have a strong feeling that I have other intolerances as well.  The plan calls for a 21 day elimination cycle and then a systematic reintroduction of the possibly offending foods.  Because of the holiday season and travel I am not going to start in earnest until December 26th.  That would put my finishing the elimination cycle on January 15th.  However, I am going to start the breakfast shake component tomorrow.  I am also going to try to eat the appropriate foods most meals until then, but I know I can’t be 100% until after Christmas so I don’t want to set myself up to fail!  Even though I am not really doing this to lose weight (although I could stand to drop a few) I will probably post a before and after weight just for the heck of it.  I know there are foods that aggravate my autoimmune conditions and I suspect they are dairy and eggs.  This program will give me some guidance for figuring that out.  My intent is to make short daily posts through this process about what is working, what is tough and just how I feel in general.

The 7 foods that I will be eliminating are:

1. gluten

2. corn

3. soy

4. sugar and artificial sweeteners

5. eggs

6. dairy

7. peanuts

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